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Andrew Cuomo will wait till May 25th New York Democratic Convention to declare for the NYS Governor job….

The Dog thought he could as late as June…But May 25 is just a week and a half from now and few days before June…..

Look for a few things to happen right after….

First …He gets the spotlight….

Second ….He goes under the microscope…

Third…..Everyone forgets about Paterson…The current governor….

Fourth…..Cuomo is asked about every major decision Paterson has to make from now on….

Fifth…..Mario Cuomo ( Andrews Dad ) gets more media attention…

Sixth…..He, he, he Bill Clinton will be asked if he supports Andrew since Andrew worked for him at HUD…

Seventh…..Lazio and Levy will begin to aid attacks at Cuomo…

Eighth …… Cuomo’s numbers will come back down to earth…….

Stay tuned……If Lazio is the GOP nominee….. things are over……

If Levy is the GOP nominee things are gonna get CRAZY…CRAZY…..and MORE CRAZY!

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomoplans to formally declare his candidacy for governor on or about May 25, when the state Democratic Party convention begins, according to three supporters who declined to be named.

The supporters, who together have donated or helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for Cuomo, each said they spoke with him about the strategy and asked to remain anonymous out of concern they not appear to be breaching a confidence. Each said Cuomo, 52, wants to wait until the eve of the convention or the three-day meeting itself to announce his plans.

Josh Vlasto, a spokesman for Cuomo’s campaign, wouldn’t comment. During the past several months, as Cuomo stepped up his fundraising efforts, he has refused to state his intentions for this year’s election. At an April 20 briefing for reporters on a lawsuit against state Senator Pedro Espada Jr., Cuomo said there would be “plenty of time” later to discuss politics.

“It’s a good move because it will present him with a united Democratic Party that will nominate him by acclamation, and it gives him a period of time in which he’s less of a target for the Republicans,” Hank Sheinkopf, a New York-based political consultant, said in a telephone interview. “He’ll be able to enjoy the good press he’s getting now and realize his campaign on his own terms and in his own time.”


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