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Duke beats Baylor…..61 to 59!…For their 4th NCAA March Madness Mens College Basketball Championship!

I wasn’t pretty…..

It wasn’t a blow out…..

But it was a win for the Blue Devils…..Who used thie poise, patience, good shooting and above all height ……..to clinch their 10th Championship……

Both of my two son’s….. who care about basketball …..have given their compliments to the team!….

Coach K….should be a happy man!

And one of his teams does it again!

From the New York Times….The Quad……Blogging….

11:40 P.M. And Just Like That, It’s Over

I thought Hayward’s fallaway was good and that half-court shot looked good, too. What a way to finish this tournament. I’m just as stunned as most of the Butler fans in here. Not because Butler lost, but because the game ended in such a quick manner. I can only imagine what would have happened in this building had Hayward hit that shot to win it. — ZH

11:35 P.M. Duke Is the National Champion

Gordon Hayward missed a fallaway jumper from the baseline with less than 4 seconds. Brian Zoubek made 1 of 2 foul shots and than Hayward’s desperation half-court heave hit the rim as time expired. The Blue Devils win, 61-59. — CE

11:33 P.M. It All Comes Down to This

My heart is beating through my chest. I can’t even imagine what’s happening to the guys out on the court. This next play could be the moment that defines Brad Stevens forever. What does he have up his sleeve? I hope this one ends cleanly (no foul, and at least a clean shot attempt). — ZH

11:31 P.M. Cue the “Hoosiers” Theme

Timeout on the floor. Butler has the ball with 13 seconds left and trailing, 60-59. Has anyone seen Dennis Hopper? Will Duke get caught watching the paint dry? — CE

11:30 P.M. Crunch Time


Note…. the original post was incorrect…It had the win as the Tenth Championship…..that is incorrect…This is Duke’s tenth trip to the Championship game and they are 4 and 6 for the games overall……..

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