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Harold Ford Jr. starts to work the black vote in New York……and WHY ARE ALL BLACKS SUPPOSED TO BE POOR?

Here’s a piece from the New York Daily News on Harold Ford Jr., the probable U.S. senate democratic candidate…

…notice how the descriptions allude to Ford ‘s money….

…why does the media, and  all the lefty’s, criticize a black man for having money?…..are all BLACK POLITICAN’S suppose to be poor?

There has been a concerted effort in the push back against Harold Ford Jr. in New York by establishment types and Gillirand boosters to accentuate that Harold Ford Jr.. isn’t some poor, hand me down black person….almost every reference to him us about rich white donors and Ford getting driven around New York City in SUV’s…..now I’ve been watching this whole thing from when Schumer proportioned Gillibrand to take the senate seat…and no one…no one….has complained about the company Gillibrand keeps to make her money……what’s going on here folks??????

The white liberal cadre out there, that supports a ‘New York Blue Dog Democrat’ is attacking Ford, for travelin in same circles as Gillibrand…and he’s the bad guy????

Last time I looked their stances on most polices, were the same……..

What gives?

Here’s the piece……..link..….

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