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The Governement tries againt to charge Blackwater employees for crimes in Iraq…..

Two defense contractors working for a subsidiary of the former Blackwater Worldwide were charged today with shooting and killing two Afghan citizens in Kabul and wounding a third…..They were indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Norfolk on charges including second-degree murder, attempted murder and firearms offenses. The indictment was unsealed Thursday afternoon.

The government hasn’t been doing too good in trying Americans in ‘war zones’ for crimes…..

In this case we’ll see how things develop…..

Oh, yea…you must know by now…they call themselves Xe Services….too much bad stuff associated with the name Blackwater these days…….

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News Flash!….Contractors go to war with the troops!

The New York Times and Washington Post breathlessly write that Backwater (Xe Services now) was working for the Central Intelligence Agency in Pakistan helping them with secret raids and servicing the Predator UAV’s making strikes in that country…..

I hope nobody is surprised with that news…..because when the UNited States goers to war…Defense and other contractors go to war also…..

They are probably working for just about every agency in both Afghanistan and Iraq…doing everything from serving foot, cleaning facilities , to yep…fighting and arming Predator drones…..And get this …they are working all over the world for the United States…helping the U.S. Navy work complex systems on ships…including combat ships…helping the U.S. Air Force repair and update combat aircraft and helping the US. Army field combat systems…..

Blackwater  or  XE, is, I’m sure, still working for the State department in Iraq and Afghanistan…they just maintain a higher profile that most companies….. That quietly go about their business, of making things work for the United States government 24/7…….

Update:…..Here’s an example of a contract worker ( his employer is Development Alternatives ) getting in hot soup in Cuba…and he supposedly works for the U.S. Agency for International Development……..ah, why hand out cell phones in Cuba?….it’s a closed society…even I would know that sooner or later this guy was going to get roused by Cuba intelligence people for ‘spreading the word’…….

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The State Department and Blackwater (Xe)………..

It may come as a shock to people but Blackwater has renamed itself and is still in the employ of the United States State Department.…..The Washington Post has this story about indiscretions by another firm ‘s employee’s that resulted in the State Department having to send its special agents to Kabul to watch over its security contractors……Sound familiar?……Yep ……about a year ago the State Department had to do the same thing in Bagdad………

The fact is…I’m sure the State Departments Diplomatic Security Service probably doesn’t have enough agents to go around. While the Secret Service is a domestic agency and has more man/woman power……the DSS is tasked with providing its service all over the planet (they will have a major presence in NYC and Pittsburgh providing security details for the annual United Nations General Assembly meetings).  Most people don’t know that security services are contracted out in most overseas embassies to the extent that in a lot of places private foreign nationals provide close security for State staff….and that can include security details…..

The number of people working for the ArmorGroup in Aftganistan is close to 450 in country…….and the report on the group points out that a lot of the work is essential but boring and routine…….the State Department does not need special agents for all of it……..But I’m sure they  could save a whole lot of headaches if Obama let Sec. of State Hillary hire  more agents to keep a check on things and let them assume more of the contracted work………..

Update:…….Eight guards have been fired for miscoduct in Kabul by the State Department…….

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