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Paris Hilton Ad sells Beer in Brazil and is investigated for being toooo sexy……..

Paris Hilton's sexy ad for a new Brazilian beer has people in Brazilian gawking - and complaining.

What a minute isn’t Brazil the place where string bikini’s are the norm?….where plastic surgery is cheap?….and readily available…where topless is ah, the ‘cool’ thing?

Then why is skinny Paris Hilton causing an uproar?

Come on!

Okay….Here’s the link for the ad…..

and Here’s the piece……

Brazil, home of topless beaches and wax, may have finally found something that offends its sexual sensibilities: Paris Hilton.

Brazil’s in-house advertising regulatory agency Conar is conducting three separate inquiries into whether Hilton’s ad for a new Brazilian beer, Grupo Schincariol’s Devassa Bem Loura, violates the country’s advertising codes by using sex to sell an alcoholic beverage and treating Hilton as a sex object.

Now who’d do a thing like that?

Hilton’s one-minute spot for the new beer, whose name is Portuguese for “Very Blonde,” debuted last month during Carnival. It features Hilton, in a tight black dress and indeed looking very blond, taking a beer from the fridge and running the cold can down her body.

Because she’s doing this behind a full glass window, a photographer in another building begins snapping her picture and a crowd gathers below to watch.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/2010/02/26/2010-02-26_paris_hiltons_sexy_new_ad_for_devassa_beer_sparks_outrage_in_brazil.html#ixzz0giKbTbzr

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Brazil is deeply involved in the Haitiian Rescue effort…..

This from the Cable/Foreign Policy……

Countries around the world are frantically searching for their citizens in Haiti, but this week’s events have been particularly hard on Brazil, which had a big footprint in the country before the quake. At least 14 Brazilian troops were killed in the quake with four more still missing. Brazil is the leader and largest troop contributor to the UN’s MINUSTAH peacekeeping force. The famous Brazilian doctor Zilda Arns Neumann —sometimes called Brazil’s Mother Teresa — was also killed.

But Brazil has also been on the frontlines of the response. In a telling sign of the priority the country is giving the disaster, Brazilian defense minister Nelson Jobim is on the ground in Haiti with a delegation to assess the situation and devise a recovery strategy. President da Silva has been in communication with President Obama and former President Clinton to coordinate the aid effort. The Brazilian government has pledged $15 million in aid and its military cargo planes are flying in supplies. Additionally, Foreign Minsiter Ceslo Anorim is arguing that MINUSTAH’s mandate be expanded to assist with the recovery effort.

With the already rickety Haitian state essentially dealt a knockout punch this week, the country is going to need an unprecedented level of international assistance in the years to come. The United States is understandably taking the lead in the immediate rescue effort, but given its nation-building commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan and history of frequently occupying Haiti, the U.S. may not be the best candidate for the long-term stabilization effort.

Brazil, on the other hand, is already involved Haitian security, and as others on this site have written,  has been increasingly looking to act as a global player. The Haitian crisis is an opportunity for the rising superpower to take a leadership role in regional security. And lord knows Haiti will need the help.

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The Brazilian Supreme Court rules 9 year old Sean Goldman should be returned home to the U.S with his father

The back and forth story of a little boy whose Brazilian mother, Bruna Bianchi, took him back home with here after she decided to divorce the boy’s father, American, David Goldman , and remarried , but passed away trying to give birth to anther child …..Maybe ending soon…..

Chief Justice Gilmar Mendes of the Brazilian Supreme Court issued his decision, which is immediately binding, that boy must be turned over to his biological father……the boy’s, mother’s family does not want the child to leave ….Neither does his mother’s new husband….

Sean Goldman has been in Brazil since 2004, and his mother’s new husband is a lawyer…..

David Goldman will now wait to see if the family follows the Judges ruling……

The situation has been discussed between the U.S. and Brazil at the highest diplomatic levels……

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