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Daniel…….California Primaries: FINAL SURVEY USA Poll gives Brown, Whitman and Fiorina huge leads in their respective Races

Hello Folks!

The FINAL SURVEY USA Poll in California shows Brown, Whitman and Fiorina in command heading into today’s Vote.

KABC-TV, KFSN-TV, KGTV-TV, KPIX-TV California Survey USA Poll

Governor Race

Democratic Primary

Attorney General Jerry Brown  73 %
Richard Aguirre  4 %
Chuck Pineda Jr.  4 %
4 Minor Candidates combined for  8 %
Undecided  11 %

Republican Primary

Former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman  59 %
State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner  30 %
6 Minor Candidates combined for  6 %
Undecided  5 %

Senate Race

Republican Primary

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina  48 %
Former U. S. Rep. Tom Campbell  22 %
State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore  16 %
Tim Kalemkarian  2 %
Al Ramirez  2 %


Whitman, Fiorina, Brown Headed to CA General Election; 36 hours until votes are counted in California’s 06/08/10 primary election, three candidates are poised to advance to the general election in November, according to this latest and final SurveyUSA election poll conducted exclusively for KABC-TV Los Angeles, KPIX-TV San Francisco, KGTV-TV San Diego, and KFSN-TV Fresno.

In the Republican primary for Governor, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman defeats state insurance commissioner Steve Poizner 2:1. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll 2 weeks ago, the race is essentially unchanged.

In the Republican primary for US Senate, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina defeats former Congressman Tom Campbell 2:1. State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore gets 16%; two other candidates are in single digits. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released 2 weeks ago, the race is essentially unchanged.

Filtering: SurveyUSA interviewed 2,400 California adults 06/03/10 through 06/06/10. Of them, 2,060 were registered to vote. Of the registered voters, 569 were determined by SurveyUSA to be likely to vote in the 06/08/10 Republican Primary; 617 were determined to be likely to vote in the 06/08/10 Democratic primary. Early voting began 05/10/10.

Daniel G.

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Daniel…..California Governor: POLL SHOCKER; Whitman surges ahead of Brown…..

Hello Dog!

Well, what a POLL SHOCKER this morning. This really took me offguard. A new Statewide Survey in the Golden State shows former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman (R-CA) has surged ahead of former Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA). Folks, this isn’t just a usual Poll. This is Field Poll, the most reliable Poll in the State of California.

Field in California is what the NBC News / WSJ Poll is nationally.

Field Polling Research Survey

California Governor 2010

Republican Primary

Former EBAY CEO Meg Whitman  63 %
State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner  14 %
Undecided  23 %

General Election

Former EBAY CEO Meg Whitman (R)  46 %
Former CA Governor Jerry Brown (D)  43 %
Undecided  11 %

Former CA Governor Jerry Brown (D)  49 %
State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner (R)  32 %
Undecided  19 %

Major Candidates Websites:


Full Results of the Field Poll can be found here:


Note to Readers: The Senate Portion of the Field Poll is expected to be released tomorrow.


Whitman leading Brown could spell massive trouble for Democrats not just in California but also nationally. It also could spell huge trouble for Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA). We’ll see tomorrow.

Daniel G.

While these numbers are indeed good for Whitman…we’re still eigth months out…..Brown is not out of this by a long shot…but he’s got to be thinking this isn’t gonna be easy……


From Rasmussen …

Whitman (R) 40 %
Brown (D) 40 %
Others 6 %
Undecided 14 %

Brown (D) 42 %
Poizner (R) 27 %
Others 13 %
Undecided 18 %


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Ok…enough already!….Merlin with the summation of the last polling in the Mass Senate race…..

Hi Dog!

Here my Summary of the Massachusetts Senate Polls:

Public Policy Polling   (51-46)  =    Brown + 5
American Research Group   (52-45)   =    Brown + 7
Politico/Insider Advantage   (52-43)  =    Brown + 9
Daily Kos/Research 2000   (48-48)   =   Tie
7News/Suffolk University    (50-46)   =   Brown + 4
Cross Target/Pajamas   (52-42)   =   Brown + 10
Inside Medford/MRG   (51-41)    = Brown + 10
Rasmussen Reports   (49-47)   =   Coakley + 2

EVERY Poll this week has Brown ahead (except Koss). Democrats need a “Clinton New Hampshire Miracle” to win.


One more Poll for tomorrows Massachusetts Senate Special Election. (I really do hope that this is the Final Poll on this Race). This time it’s coming from American Research Group.

The Numbers (previous Numbers in parentheses):

State Senator Scott P. Brown (R)    52 % vs  (48 %)
Attorney General Martha Coakley (D)   45 %  vs  (45 %)
Joseph L. Kennedy (L)  2 % vs  (2 %)
Undecided  1 %   vs (5 %)

Full Results at…..



From the Dog…this from a New York Times piece.…..

Obama needs Coakley, the state’s attorney general, to win to deny Republicans the ability to block his initiatives — specifically the near-complete health care plan — with a filibuster-sustaining 41st Republican vote. A Coakley loss also would be an embarrassment, particularly because Obama has put so much political capital on the line.

A Suffolk University survey taken Saturday and Sunday shows Brown with double-digit leads in three counties the poll identified as bellwethers: Gardner, Fitchburg and Peabody. But internal statewide polls for both sides show a dead-heat.

Backers of Coakley and Brown worked feverishly to identify their supporters and persuade undecided voters to move their way. Each side deployed armies of volunteers to man phone banks and trudge door to door through ice and snow to encourage people to vote.

and this from Jerome Armstrong @Mydd.Com ……

Ya kind of have to chuckle at the two-step pattern that the Obama administration does with these ‘losses’ ahead of time. Gibbs/Axlerod/Emanual go off the record to lower the boom that they expect Coakley to lose, with only an Obama-inspired miracle to to hope for… and then trot Bill Burton out to say on the record, ‘no no no’ and play the line. For the media, its a game, a bit of a secret they are in on, and so, who is the joke on?

and finally this from the Washington Post……

The last-minute tussles were sideshows to a campaign that has centered on Brown’s effort to tap into voter anger with soaring unemployment and multi-trillion-dollar deficit spending. That’s helped Brown win a large majority of the independent voters, who make up about half the electorate in Massachusetts.

The Dog….

Update..…Manilla Calling over at P1 with these tidbits…..

Confidence is high but their are a lot of Democrats who will be out and I still wonder about the demographics. Weather looks fair to poor and if that effects turnout it is supposed to help Brown. At this point if he doesn’t win it will be a surprise. Even with the President yesterday morale is horrible over there. It’s almost like a death watch. People have to get out and vote with the radio talk show crowd now spouting that if Brown can win big enough he can be certified quickly.

Add to that the fact that MA AG’s have been unable to win any office higher than AG in decades could be at work right now too.  You make enemies you do not even know about.

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As expected…..it will be Martha Coakley vs Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate in Mass……..

The primary races had very low voter turn out……but it will pit the states first female candidate for the seat left vacant with the passing of Ted Kennedy…..


MA Special Election (Final Results)

Democratic Primary

Martha Coakley 310,227 Votes = 46,71 %

Mike Capuano 184.791 Votes = 27,82 %

Alan Khazei 88,929 Votes = 13,39 %

Steve Pagliuca 80,248 Votes = 12,08 %

Republican Primary

Scott Brown 145,465 Votes = 89,40 %

Jack E. Robinson 17,241 Votes = 10,60 %

Thank you Daniel.….

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