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Haiti gets pledge for $5.3 billion for rebuilding……

The world has stepped up to the plate to help this poor country…..Kudo’s to ex-presidents Bush and Clinton for their fundraising efforts…….

The first thing that should be done is better building codes!

The international community pledged $5.3 billion Wednesday for earthquake-shattered Haiti over the next two years, launching an ambitious effort not just to rebuild the hemisphere’s poorest nation but also to transform it into a modern state.

The amount exceeded by more than $1 billion the goal set ahead of a conference co-sponsored by the United Nations and the U.S. government. In all, countries, development banks and nongovernmental groups pledged nearly $10 billion for Haiti in years to come.

“This is the down payment Haiti needs for wholesale national renewal,” said U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. He emphasized, however, that donors must deliver on the promises of cash, something they have sometimes been slow to do.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton noted that nearly 50 countries made pledges, twice as many as contributed to rebuilding the area hit by the 2004 tsunami in South Asia. She announced $1.15 billion in U.S. funds for the nation-building effort in Haiti.

The reconstruction plan calls for building ports and hundreds of miles of new roads, resurrecting Haiti’s withered agricultural sector, relocating people from the crowded capital and establishing an efficient bureaucracy in a country that never had one.


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