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Boeing is wrong……

In it’s attempt to out manuever EADS…

Boeing is crying wolf about EADS and AirBus subsidies in building aircraft….

Calling a EADS/Airbus a threat to National Security…..

They are doing this knowing fully well that…..

  • Their company gets American subsidies in research and taxes….
  • That they have not even built one tanker to the US bid spec’s
  • That the Europeans are being sold on the American F-35….but have been locked out of the Marine one and First Tanker award AFTER BOTH awards where won by non- American companies
  • The EAD’s A-330’s will be built by American’s in Mobile Alabama…

I have brought up a solution to this problem several times…..

Do a joint buy of Boeing 767’s and Airbus A-330’s

This would make everybody happy …… The Europeans, The people in Washington State that work for Boeing and the people who live Alabama who will work for AirBus…..

Contrary to Defense Secretary Gates…..Having TWO different tankers only duplicates what we have now in two tankers (KC-10 and KC-135)….

We actually have a third type of aerial tanker ..the C-130….But who’s counting?

Boeing is urging lawmakers and Pentagon officials to factor national-security implications into their decision about who should replace the Air Force’s Eisenhower-era tanker fleet.

EADS North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the European aerospace and defense conglomerate EADS NV with headquarters in Germany and France. The governments of France, Germany and Spain all hold stake in the conglomerate.

Sean O’Keefe, the CEO of EADS North America, said his company has all the security arrangements to handle the sensitive and classified technologies.

But Boeing is distributing literature on Capitol Hill singling out EADS NV as not having to abide by U.S. laws on corporate integrity, and for trying to market its wares to Tehran. EADS North America is subject to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The laminated, pocketbook-sized handouts Boeing is giving to lawmakers also claim that for reasons of national security, the United States has never bought a critical military system from a foreign-owned or -controlled company.

This is not the first time Boeing or its congressional supporters have tried to make the case that awarding the contract to EADS could represent a national-security threat. The Hill reported in 2008 that Boeing and its congressional supporters, such as Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), used a classified CIA briefing on questionable business practices in an effort to discredit the company’s rival.

EADS North America was partnered with U.S. defense giant Northrop Grumman for the tanker contract at the time. After Boeing successfully overturned the tanker contract awarded to Northrop and EADS in 2008, Northrop Grumman bowed out of the new tanker competition earlier this year. EADS North America announced it would continue in the competition as the sole bidder.


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EADS comes back to table to bid the US Air Force Aerial Tanker contract …….Maybe….

The conditions for the European EADS without earlier partner Northrop would be assurances that they get fair crack at the contract to build over a 150 new refueling aircraft for the US Air Force……

The company will be swimming upstream against a strong suspicion that the word is out to buy American…..

While the right solution would be to make a dual buy…Defense Secertary Gates has been able to rule that out so far…

The Dog questions why Gates has been give that latitude to make that decision since a dual buy (The Air Force currently has two types of tanker , KC-135 /B-707 and KC-10/DC-10 )……and a dual buy would just continue the policy of having a smaller and larger tanker ……in addition, to making Senators, Governors, local worker’s, and Foreign leaders along with their countrymen happy……

Obama needs to step in and overrule Gates……..

This could be win/win situation for everyone involved…..

Here’s the piece……

Aerospace and defense company EADS said Friday it is considering a new bid for a $35 billion Pentagon contract for midair refueling tankers but it will only compete if it has a fair chance against rival Boeing Co.

A consortium of EADS and Northrop Grumman pulled out of the bidding for the long-awaited, 179-tanker contract earlier this month. They said the terms of the deal appeared designed to favor a smaller jet offered by Boeing.

But Thursday, the Defense Department “indicated it would welcome a proposal from EADS North America as prime contractor for the KC-X tanker competition,” according to a statement Friday from EADS. It called the move “a significant development.”

EADS, the parent company of Airbus, said it would consider bidding again if it is given an extended deadline to prepare a new proposal – and, crucially, “if there is a fair chance to win.”

EADS and its American partner, Northrop, were initially awarded the contract for the tanker fleet in 2008, but Boeing protested and the deal was annulled later that year.

The withdrawal of the Northrop-led consortium left Boeing as the only bidder.

European Aeronautic Defence & Space Co. NV said the Pentagon was indicating “a willingness to extend the timeframe,” and said it is “assessing this new situation to determine if the company can feasibly submit” a new bid.

But it said the Pentagon’s new stance “does not address EADS’ underlying concerns” that the request for bids is designed to favor Boeing.

EADS spokesman Alexander Reinhardt said the company, which is based in Paris and Munich, will decide in coming weeks on whether to bid – either alone or with a partner.

Boeing is offering a military version of its 767 passenger jet. Reinhardt said he thinks it is unlikely that EADS would change the larger Airbus A-330 airframe on which the original tanker offer was based, because the only other suitable plane it has ready – the A310 – is old and thus unsuited for a fleet with a lifetime of 45-50 years.

The current deadline is early May.


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The height of idiocy…..The U.S. Navy is re-biding the Marine One Helo contract….

Anyone who has followed me from the P1 to the Dog, knows that easiest way to my ‘Irish’ up is to mentioned the complete screwed up Marine One VH-71 debacle……

The President of the United States travels in a Marine One Helo every time he leaves the White House to get on Air Force One, and when he has to make short trips from local airports, to a location that is more  timely,  comfortable and safely reached by air……

The Army used to handle the detail…but now it’s the exclusive responsiblity of the Marines……

The current fleet of Marine Helo’s are from 20 to 30 years old….and they need to be replaced (Contrary to the CIC Obama’s comments)….

Well….. the government bid the contract and awarded it to a consortium of Lockheed Martin and Augusta/Westland…

….. Here’s the best part…….The Navy owns outright 9 completed VH-71 Helo’s…..they paid $3 Billion for them( and will pay another billion to shut the built down) !

They are the first of a order of 23 to be completed…….

But they are now sitting around with no mission, because the contract was cancelled…..Sec of Defense Gates says because they coast too much….and don’t do what they’re supposed to do….the problem is….. the manufacturer actually did what was asked of them….You see, the White House Military Office ( Under President Bush and  Gate’s watch, mind you ) and the Secret Service added a whole boat load of stuff when they got asked for their input on the helo….so much stuff that …….the added weight necessitated the manufacture to redesign the Helo to carry all the weight….this cost more money and time……

Now Secretary Gates is now pissed because the Helo’s are overweight and over budget…..

So a year ago…Gates decided as a efficiency issue,  and the President as a politcal issue…. that they would cancel the program…..

People….. that makes no damn sense.First of all…the Navy owns 9 brand new Presidential Helo’s…owns…Second of all… while the first block of Helo’s came from Europe..they where pu together in Upstate New York (American Jobs)….Third… the new Helo’s (which almost assuredly will be Sikorsky’s American built S-92’s ….even if they can’t lift a peanut) will not be ready for at least another 5 to 10 years..making the current ones almost 40 years old before they are replaced….Last….. and this is the best!…..it will coast at least $10 to $20 Billion  to replace the $3 to 9 Billion to bring the Lockheed/Augusta Helo’s they have already have……

Wasted time and Money…..

Oh, yea……. the reason the Lockheed /August Helo won was because it had 3 engines, not 2.. like the Sikorsky Helo….It could fly farther, faster, was bigger and was a tested Helo at the time…. which the Sikorsky S-92 was not…..

Wasted time and Money…..

Here’s the link on the new contract bid…..The whole damn thing makes me sick…….

Here’s links on th previous posts on the nightmare……




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