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Lawyers and Politicians in New York…..

Kathleen Rice…The Nassau County District Attorney is running to succeed Andrew Cuomo as New York State Attorney General….

The race started below the headlines….

No More….

Since she came in second in a upstate straw poll a couple of weeks ago….

Things have heated up…..

I correctly pointed that fact out here….

Make no mistake folks…Right now Kathleen Rice is the front runner..

She has Cuomo in her corner and as this post points out…BIG money…..

I’ve said this before I have met the lady a few times and I like what I see in how she has evolved…..

And I’ll post this now to get it out of the way…..She statred off as a Republican and switched over to the Democrats riding the Suozzi wave two elections ago in Nassau County…Suozzi’s gone and she’s on the cusp of getting a job the last two New York Governor’s ( I’m getting ahead of my self…Cuomo hasn’t won yet ) had before getting elected to Governor……

This piece is about a big white shoe law firm in New York City that does a lot of personal injury work backing Rice in the pocketbook….

I just got a comment from somebody here at the Dog about lawyers and politican’s…..The person was pissed about the connection…..

Get over it!…..

Most politician’s ARE lawyers……

And as you can see in the New York case with Rice…..Lawyers like to cosey up with politcian’s…..They ARE cut from the same cloth…..

The best one in the piece is the fact that the State’s Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver, who welds almost as much juice as the Governor , is a MEMBER of the subject of the piece. The law firm of Weitz and Luxenberg!……

He, he, he……

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Anyways ….The Dog thinks Ms. Rice is gonna be good for the State of New York…..

Weitz & Luxenberg, which is based in Manhattan, is one of the nation’s largest personal injury law firms. It counts Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as among its members, a source of suspicion for critics of Mr. Silver, who has been a loyal ally of trial lawyers.

Now the firm is pouring money into the campaign of Kathleen M. Rice, the Nassau County district attorney, who is seen as the leading Democratic contender to succeed Andrew M. Cuomo as attorney general.

Five of Weitz’s lawyers, including its two founding partners, contributed $236,698 to the Rice campaign in the last year. In the most recent filing period, Weitz lawyers accounted for nearly 12 percent of the more than $1.4 million in contributions Ms. Rice reported.

And top lawyers at three firms that frequently work with Weitz — two of which are based in other states — also donated heavily. Factoring in these donations, the Weitz-connected contributions made up roughly 20 percent of the Rice campaign’s donations in the most recent filing period, which covers December and the first half of January.

Last spring, Ms. Rice hired Justin Weitz, the son of Perry Weitz, the top partner at Weitz & Luxenberg, to work as an assistant district attorney. Noting Justin Weitz’s qualifications, Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Ms. Rice, said, “The office didn’t believe he should be barred from such public service just because a member of his family is involved in politics.”

The Rice campaign dismissed any suggestions that the contributions were unusual, emphasizing that several of the law firm’s donors, including Mr. Weitz and Arthur Luxenberg, the managing partner, were Long Island residents who had long known Ms. Rice.

Her campaign also noted that the two men have a long history as Democratic donors, though state and federal records show they have never provided a similar share of another candidate’s fund-raising……


Note…..I don’t like the revolving door relationship between the lawyers and politican’s…but I’m too old and too smart to know that it isn’t going away…which is a shame……

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In the Republican Presidental Race for 2012…..Endorsements are double edged…..

The race for President in  2012….. on the Republican side has already begun……

Mitt Romney is currently in the lead……

Candidates for the nomination give endorsements to help people they like…and to get their backing when they need it later on….

This year endorsements can mean money for the person getting the endorsement…

And ‘angst’ if the giver is deemed too establishment….

What’s a politician to do?

This is turning out to be a year when any association with Washington and the political establishment can be toxic. And that’s reversing the old calculus that primary endorsements unnecessarily create enemies. In such a climate, says longtime strategist John Weaver, wading into the fray can be “a pretty smart play” for presidential candidates trying to demonstrate their throw-the-bums-out bona fides. So far, their endorsements have kicked up dustin GOP primaries from Kentucky and South Carolina to Indiana and New York.

That potential presidential contenders are so eager to associate themselves with the rage bubbling up from thegrass roots suggests that they expect a 2012 nomination race different from the GOP’s standard, establishment-driven coronation. The endorsement derby is “a case study, I think, of the most wide-open Republican nominating contest since 1964 — maybe ever,” says veteran operative Ralph Reed, who now heads a conservative grass-roots organization called the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Typically, endorsements bring stature and donations to the candidates who receive them. This year, it sometimes appears that the politicians looking to burnish their reputations are the ones bestowing their support. As one strategist for a much-mentioned 2012 contender put it: “With some of these things, it’s more an effort to communicate who you are, where you come from and where you stand.”

A well-timed endorsement can also put a future presidential candidate’s name into the media spotlight for a news cycle or two and light up the political blogosphere. However, taking sides in primaries is not without peril. If your candidate loses, you open yourself to payback from the winner. That explains, for instance, why Rubio’s list of high-profile endorsers didn’t start growing until his lead in the polls did……


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