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Australia to filter its web?

Is this story for REAL?


The US State Department is asking Australia the same thing………

The State Department has reportedly approached the Australian government about its plans to begin filtering its citizens’ access to objectionable Web content.

While a spokesman for the agency told a local reporter this weekend he could not comment on “the details of specific diplomatic exchanges” with Australian officials, he did note that the State Department has “raised our concerns” with the state’s new Web restrictions.

Ultimately, the discussions center around the Australian government’s announcement last month that it would begin restricting access to webpages involving “child sexual abuse imagery, bestiality, sexual violence, detailed instruction in crime, violence or drug use and/or material that advocates the doing of a terrorist act,” according to one official.

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Google/China fight opens the door for other Western Companies doing business in China……

Google….US California based giant search engine company’s stance in its face off with China has suddenly embolden Western comaponies doing business there to think about pushing back against the Chinese policy’s of censorship and filtering….and other rules that keep the countries political leadership in control of what its citizens can hear, see and speak…..

This  pushback ….is what the Chinese feared all along…..

Free speech and expression is not something to be tolerated in a Communist country…...

The showdown between Google and the world’s most populous country marks a turning point in one of the great alliances of the late 20th century — the bond between Western capitalists and Beijing’s authoritarian system.

After Google’s audacious decision to confront China over the issue of censorship, officials here insisted Tuesday that the Internet giant’s case was an isolated one and would not affect China’s opening to the West or its market-oriented reforms.

But Western businesspeople said the episode had underscored a broader sea change in how U.S. and European companies deal with the government here. More specifically, they said, Western businesses have begun to push back openly against China.

In announcing Monday that it would stop censoring results on its Chinese site, Google acknowledged that it was “well aware” that the Beijing government “could at any time block access to our services.” But the company also made clear that such an outcome would be better than having to censor itself any longer.

Although China has not yet taken any draconian action against Google or its employees, it has started censoring results for sensitive searches in China on Google’s Hong Kong-based Web site, where its users on the mainland have been redirected. (Hong Kong users could see uncensored results.)


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Google redirects to Hong Kong…China moves to stop the flow there from its users…..

[ A girl lit a candle in front of Google China headquarters in Beijing on Tuesday after the company stopped censoring the Internet for China by shifting its search engine off the mainland. ]

In a battle based on idelogogy…Google the Giant California-based search engine has moved out of Mainland China……Citing its distaste for following the Chinese wish for filtering and censorship…….

The move to send users to its Hong Kong site was short sighted and naive…..The Chienese control Hong Kong having assumed that control from the British decades ago….while things may be wild and wholly there…the Owners of Google really seem to have no grasp of what they doing…..

China is Communist country…..

The leadership of that country will not under any circumstances allow for complete intellectual freedom……

They will do anything and everything within their power to uphold their grasp on the country’s political system for it is their life……

In addition, one would think that they would worried that if an American Company Like Google can do this…what would happen next?

Here’s the story…..

The Chinese government moved on Tuesday to restrict access of mainland users to the Hong Kong site, the use of which Google had hoped would allow it to keep its pledge to end censorship while retaining a share of China’s fast-growing Internet search market.

But mainland Chinese users on Tuesday could not see uncensored Hong Kong content because government computers either disabled searches for objectionable content completely or blocked links to certain results.

Beijing officials were clearly angered by Google’s decision, which focused global attention on the government’s censorship policies, and there were signs of possible escalation in the dispute.

China’s biggest cellular communications company, China Mobile, was expected to cancel a deal that had placed Google’s search engine on its mobile Internet home page, used by millions of people daily. In interviews, business executives close to industry officials said the company was planning to scrap the deal under government pressure, despite the fact that China Mobile has yet to contract with a replacement.

Similarly, China’s second-largest mobile company, China Unicom, was said by analysts and others to have delayed or killed the imminent introduction of a cellphone based on Google’s Android platform. One major Internet portal, Tom.com, already had ceased using Google to power its search engine.

Technology analysts and the business executives, who demanded anonymity for fear of retaliation, said that Google might also face problems in keeping its advertising sales force, which is crucial to the success of its Chinese language service.

Several held out the prospect that the government could shut down the company’s Chinese search service entirely by blocking access to Google’s mainland address, google.cn, or to its Hong Kong Web site. As of Tuesday, users who go to google.cn are automatically being sent to the Hong Kong address, google.com.hk.

“It’s going to boil down to whether authorities feel it is acceptable for users to be redirected to that site without having to figure it out themselves,” said Mark Natkin, managing director of Marbridge Consulting, a Beijing-based technology research firm.


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Google has shut down it China operation…….


Google.com.hk tells users, “Welcome to the new home of Google Search in China.” Users can search the Web, the Chinese-language Web, the Web in simplified Chinese and Web sites from China. Colored dots point to videos, photos, shopping, maps, music, Google translate and a Chinese-language site called 265.

The Chinese have not backed away from it position that any web hosted site in China will abide by its policy of censorship…..

Google has found that unacceptable ……

And voted against the policy with their foot…..by closing its Chinese operation and asking users to switch to its Hong kong Based search engines …….

Very few other companies could …..or would make the economic decission…..

Just over two months after threatening to leave Chinabecause of censorship and intrusions from hackers, Google on Monday closed its Internet search service there and began directing users in that country to its uncensored search engine in Hong Kong.

While the decision to route mainland Chinese users to Hong Kong is an attempt by Google to skirt censorship requirements without running afoul of Chinese laws, it appears to have angered officials in China, setting the stage for a possible escalation of the conflict, which may include blocking the Hong Kong search service in mainland China.

The state-controlled Xinhua news agency quoted an unnamed official with the State Council Information Office describing Google’s move as “totally wrong.”

“Google has violated its written promise it made when entering the Chinese market by stopping filtering its searching service and blaming China in insinuation for alleged hacker attacks,” the official said.

Google declined to comment on its talks with Chinese authorities, but said that it was under the impression that its move would be seen as a viable compromise.

“We got reasonable indications that this was O.K.,” Sergey Brin, a Google founder and its president of technology, said. “We can’t be completely confident.”

Google’s retreat from China, for now, is only partial. In a blog post, Google said it would retain much of its existing operations in China, including its research and development team and its local sales force. While the China search engine, google.cn, has stopped working, Google will continue to operate online maps and music services in China.

Google’s move represents a powerful rejection of Beijing’s censorship but also a risky ploy in which Google, a global technology powerhouse, will essentially turn its back on the world’s largest Internet market, with nearly 400 million Web users.



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Google and China……again….


Bloomberg News

[ Li Yizhong, China’s minister of Industry and Information Technology, speaks at a news conference at the media center for the National People’s Congress ]

Google and China are having problems with the western countries insistence that they NOT continue to accede to the China Government policy of censorship and filtering of its content in its country…..

I don’t how long or how far this is going to go….But Google with 30% of the market there has practically no chance of changing the Chinese policy with is a heart of the Chinese policy  of tight controls on what it populus hears, sees and does……

While China is a Economic powerhouse..it is still at heart a comunist country……

One must never lose sight of that fact……

From a Wall Street Journal piece.….

At a news conference Friday, Li Yizhong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology— the main regulator of China’s Internet industry—was asked by a reporter how China would react if Google does stop censoring Google.cn.

“I hope Google can respect Chinese rules and regulations,” responded Mr. Li. “If you insist on taking this action that violates Chinese laws, I repeat: You are unfriendly and irresponsible, and you yourself will have to bear the consequences.”

U.S. officials said Friday they were closely watching Google’s negotiations with China over the censorship issue, as the outcome could have a “significant” impact on U.S.-China relations.

Those relations have deteriorated in recent months due to other trade and foreign policy disputes. Beijing has protested President Barack Obama’s meeting with the Dalai Lama and the announcement of new U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. The U.S., meanwhile, has publicly rebuked Beijing for opposing so far new efforts at the United Nations to sanction Iran for its accelerating nuclear program.

On Friday, China fired back at the U.S. for meddling in other countries’ affairs—its standard response to the U.S. State Department’s annual review of Beijing’s human rights record, which was released Thursday.

The U.S. officials said the Obama administration wouldn’t get involved in the Google dispute at this stage at it remains at its heart a commercial issue. But they suggested Washington could be forced to take a much harder line with Beijing on the issue of Internet freedoms and human rights if Google is forced to end its China operations.

The Chinese gambit for all Western businesses working in its markets…

Google’s threat to stop censoring challenges the core premise of engagement with China for the last several decades: that the country is so big and its market so important that it must be accepted on its own terms.

Google is also a giant in its own right…..

Google’s challenge to Beijing stunned the business world. It is unusual for a company to publicly take issue with China’s policies—particularly something as sensitive as censorship—and even rarer for one to talk about the possibility of scaling back its business or leaving a market that is so important.

China will rely on its size and market strength in the end…..

“If Google does indeed get shut down, it is not the end of the story—it is the beginning,” said Xiao Qiang, the director of the China Internet Project at University of California at Berkeley. OIt is the beginning of the ‘Chinternet,’ which is under Chinese government regulation. It will control so much that even Google cannot exist. ther companies will have to face the same choice of whether to continue to operate under China’s heavy regulation or leave the country.

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