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The Cap IS working on the Oil pipe in the Gulf…….

Slowly they WILL get this thing done……

I commend the President for now jumping on the media ‘hype’ express…..

And Thad Allen for do a damn good job under intense pressure….

They need to keep him …….

Adm. Thad Allen of the Coast Guard, who is in charge of the federal response to the oil spill, at the staging and decontamination area in Theodore, Ala., on Saturday.

[ CG Admiral Thad Allen ]

“The vents remain open,” Adm. Thad Allen of the Coast Guard, who is in charge of the federal response to the oil spill, said in a briefing Saturday morning.

Admiral Allen said that while engineers had so far been able to bring 6,000 barrels of oil to the surface, they had been hesitant to close the vents. If they do so, they fear, water will rush in and form the kind of icy hydrates that doomed a previous attempt to cap the leak.

“When we put the cap down, there were four vents on the cap that allow oil to escape that’s not going up through the pipe,” he said. “What you want is you want to keep oil in the containment cap and not let water in, because when water gets in you form hydrates.”

The admiral had initially said that engineers hoped to begin closing the vents on Friday. But on Saturday he said they had not because of fears that the pressure inside the cap would become so great that oil would blast through the imperfect seal.

With the oil staining beaches and killing wildlife across the gulf, and tar balls beginning to surface on the shores of the Florida Panhandle, President Obama said in his weekly Saturday radio address, “We are prepared for the worst, even as we hope thatBP’s efforts bring better news than we’ve received before.”

BP and government officials have said it will take at least until Sunday to fully deploy the containment device and make a definitive assessment of the amount of oil it can collect. BP executives have said that as much as 90 percent of the escaping oil may be contained by the cap if all goes well. A ship on the surface is capable of collecting 15,000 barrels a day, Admiral Allen said.

The cap is a temporary measure. The well cannot be cemented shut until two relief wells are drilled, by August at the earliest.

Technicians, employing submarine robots, worked through the night to begin closing the vents. So far the cap has been able to bear the pressure and there is no sign of hydrates forming. That is viewed by experts as a positive sign because hydrates clogged a similar containment device a month ago and prevented it from capturing the oil effectively.

[ A drawing of the cap ]


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BP cuts the Pipe……Temporary Cap to be placed shortly…..

Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen* has announced that BP has successfully cut the pipe extending from the well oil pipe…

They expect to place a temporary cap over the spewing oil pipe shortly……

This should enable them to catch and start to collect the oil from the well, again…as they did before the break….

If they are successful BP will have stopped the leak almost completely…..(Until August when a relief well is in place and this pipe is sealed)


Begin to make revenue again….

After days of reporting failures, BP made progress in containing a ruptured oil well Thursday when it was able to sever a damaged riser pipe.

The success, however, was tempered by the grim reality that oil could continue gushing into the Gulf of Mexico at least until August, when BP hopes to have a relief well in place.

An effort to slice off the pipe with a precision diamond-tipped cutter failed Wednesday, forcing BP to settle for a rougher cut of the pipe using shears. The more primitive cut means that a rubber seal will not be as tight as previously hoped, said U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, the federal government’s response manager.

Allen said BP will now attempt to lower a containment dome over the ruptured well, after which it will begin siphoning oil a mile up to the surface.

BP has said the cap would be a temporary solution until a more permanent relief well can be drilled in the ocean’s depths.

The latest containment effort comes on day 45 of the disaster, as oil drifted eastward toward Florida and President Obama announced he will return to Louisiana on Friday to assess the latest efforts to counter the spill.


BP has begun a public relations Campaign…….

Meanwhile, BP, under fire from seemingly every angle, launched a national ad campaign to improve its tarnished reputation.

The beleaguered oil giant released television spots featuring Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward, who apologizes and promises to “make this right.”

Even as the ads began to air, a grass-roots campaign dubbed Seize BP planned to kick off a week of demonstrations in more than 50 cities.


* I guess they didn’t let Allen retire two weeks ago like he was supposed to……

Note…..As I have said here before…..No Governmenet take over…Just let BP do it’s thing……Why put the government holding the bag?

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