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Charles Rangel (D. NY), Chair of the House Ways and Means committee, and the GOP……..

I haven’t commented on the Chairmen of the House’s Ways and Means Committee because I knew from reading periodically about his troubles that something was going on under the surface in his case…..Now that he has had another public outing of his tax, financial and money memory problems by the Republicans, pushing the story to the media…….A few people have now dialed in the background information….

It appears that Mr Rangel has gotten an immunity from the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives and will continue to do so for several reasons…….

The First, and biggest, is that if he gets the hook, the Democrats are gonna take a big hit from the GOP, which is of course why some (but all) of the Republicans like to goose the story, from time to time……..the Second reason is that the House is loath to give up senior members …..we all make mistakes, and legislator ‘s are included….the Third is that the last time Pelosi canned someone ( Jefferson), she caught hell for it…even among House members that knew the guy was no good…….the Fourth reason is the Congressional Black Caucus….its members are very protective of the founder of the organization………the Fifth reason is that Charlie Rangel has waited for a very long time to be where he is…and he does weld a bit of power, and respect with Congress, on the whole…..and the last reason is that the Democrats in the House can take the heat…..a large group of them that are behind Rangel, come from virtually GOP proof districts, and don’t have to worry about the GOP reminding their district’s voters about Rangel’s problems…….

So unless the Ethic committee can find something REALY bad…Rangel will be sitting the Chairman’s seat for a good long while……Pelosi isn’t gonna touch him……

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