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The Chicago Mayoral Election is Tuesday….

How much does Rahm Emanuel win by?

Can he top 50% for no run-off?

Rahm Emanuel , Amy Rule,  Zacharias, Ilans, Leah

Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel walks with his wife Amy Rule, center left, and his children Zacharias, right, Ilans, top left, and Leah, bottom left, after his speech at Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011.

In the final weekend before Tuesday’s election, the city’s mayoral hopefuls criss-crossed Chicago’s neighborhoods to encourage voter turnout and make their case for the job.

Rahm Emanuel worked at getting out the vote on the South Side and at Plumbers Local 130, the first union to back his candidacy.

At the union hall, the former White House chief of staff talked about education and again said tough choices will need to be made in the city budget “by all us residents; that’s a big word for me,” referring to the residency challenge he faced.

Later, he stopped by his Hyde Park campaign office, where reporters asked him about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and GOP state lawmakers who have triggered mass protests over a move to strip union protections from government workers.

“I think what the governor there is doing is not just fiscal but a political agenda. . . . I would totally reject the approach the governor of Wisconsin has taken,” he said, while cautioning the city would have to “live within our means.”…..


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