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Newly elected to the New Jersey Governors job, Chris Christie will continue to tweet…..

Newly elected to the New Jersey Governor spot….Chris Christi will continue to use twitter……

A couple of people have complained that he shouldn’t have set up a new address…but I guess that’s his business…right?

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GOP also takes New Jersey……..

Chris Christie beats the current Governor Jon Corzine who had the Presdient and ex-President Clinton campaign for him……could the negative campaigning have backfired on Corzine?….Fat guys can win, huh?

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In New Jersey…..Christie turns from Corzine to Daggert to try for the win…….

Politics can get strange sometimes…..With NJ Governor Corzine even with Christie in the polls and the Governor unable to improve his numbers much past where he is, it is Chris Daggert who is now the biggest obstacle to him winning his bid to become Governor of New Jersey…..Christie has seen his lead on Corzine evaporate and Chris Daggert ‘s numbers elevate into the 14% range. The increase in Daggert’s numbers come at the expense of Christie who will surly lose to Corzine if his bleeding of votes continue…..With that in mind …the last debate between the three found Christie going after Daggert about tax cuts and Daggert throwing a good one’s back at Christie …….

In the end here with a little more than two weeks to go…it will be where the Daggert voters go…do they stay with him?….stay home?….Or go to Christie?

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Christie gives in….he admits he has a weight problem……..

Yes….. he did say that folks………he’s the quote ……

“I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I know most of you didn’t know this — but the governor’s been whispering this to the press for months and months and months, and now he’s trying to be a little cute about talking about it too through his TV ads. I want to make sure you’re all seated and you’re OK before I let you in on a secret: I’m overweight.”

— New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie (R), quoted by the Press of Atlantic City.

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Corzine is gonna win in New Jersey………

Internal polls are now confirming the movement of voters to his side……for those who don’t know it…New Jersey has returned to the Democrats for the last decade………

Ah, all that money don’t hurt either…….

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Corzine closes to even in New Jersey……….

The results from a Monmouth University/Gannett Poll released today shows the race could be tied (they did two polls..the smaller one comes out 43/40 Christie , the larger 40/40, and since I was told in college statistics that larger polls are more accurate, I’m quoting the larger)……with the momentum with Corzine, who should pull it out, since New Jersey has come home  to the democrat’s for the past decade……..the three candidates do the first of three debates tonight…..

Here’s the link on the debate………

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Corzine gains in New Jersey……..

I have been saying over at Politics 1 for the last month that Corzine would be running a negative campaign, and that I believed that he would eventually get reelected (by a tiny margin)……well I believe that, that is going to happen ….With a little more than a month left to go……Chris Christie has seen his lead, all but evaporate into thin air……….

Poll Gives Christie Small Lead

A new Democracy Corps (D) poll in New Jersey finds Chris Christie holding a three-point lead on Gov. Jon Corzine, 41% to 38%, with independent Chris Daggett receiving 10% of the vote.

Key finding: “Corzine’s standing has improved over the past month, with his favorable rating ticking up from 32 percent to 36 percent. Christie’s favorability rating remains at 1:1, 33 percent favorable and 33 percent unfavorable.”

Update: A new Rasmussen Reports survey gives Christie an eight point lead, 46% to 38%.

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