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Supreme Court Nominee Kagan comes out clean in Bill Clinton Library papers…..

Republicans have found little in Elena Kagan's public statements, private utterances and nonjudicial paper trail to make a major fuss about.

[ Republicans have found little in Elena Kagan’s public statements, private utterances and nonjudicial paper trail to make a major fuss about. ]

Oh, Well…..

The GOP needs to go find something else about her to complain about……

On Friday, the Clinton Library made a document dump of some 46,000 pages of memos from Elena Kagan’s time as a White House domestic policy advsier.  The wonks have had a weekend with the documents, so were they able to find a pubic hair in this can of Coke?

Short answer: No.  Kagan’s input on most of the documents is the odd handwritten notation, meaning that those looking to build a case against her were reduced to overanalyzing scribbles. The AP was happy to do this, calling their own findings “mysterious” in the headline. The strongest critique the Times could find was the phrase “fairly terrible idea,” in reference to a federal ban on assisted suicide, and a disagreement with the tone of a Social Security Administration letter. Politico managed to find a conflict in the documents: some say they show her to be a centrist, but others insist they demonstrate her pragmatism. Oh, can’t we all just get along?….


Politico does a piece on this also……

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President Obama nominates Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court……

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As the Dog expected*……

President Obama has nominated his Solicitor General Elena Kagan to fill the upcoming vacancy  in the United States Supreme Court when Justice Stevens retires as at the end  of this spring term.

This will be Obama’s second  nomination to the court, and the second woman he has chosen……

Kagan who has been a judge , has also been  a former Dean of Havard Law School……

And has had Republican votes counted ( 61 -31 )  in her confirmation to be confirmed to the Solicitor General job……

The ironic part of this who thing is in her job as Solicitor General she has argued before the court representing the Government…..

If confirmed ….She would move TO the court……

She is Single, Jewish and 50 years old…..

Now the we get to see the political dance in the Senate…and the Media……

During Confirmation Hearings

Hold on to your seats……..

Kagan, 50, the former dean of Harvard Law School, would become the fourth woman to serve on the high court; if she is confirmed, the nine-member court would have three female justices for the first time.

In nominating Kagan to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, Obama is breaking with tradition. Every other member of the court is a former federal appeals court judge, and Kagan has never served in the judiciary. The last time a non-judge was appointed was in 1972, when President Richard M. Nixon nominated William H. Rehnquist and Lewis Powell in the same year.

In announcing his choice of Kagan, Obama strongly praised the departing Stevens, saying he had “emerged as a consistent voice of reason” on the high court, helping his colleagues find common ground on contentious issues.

“While we can’t presume to replace Justice Stevens’s wisdom or experience, I have selected a nominee who I believe embodies that same excellence, independence, integrity and passion for the law and who can ultimately provide that same kind of leadership on the court,” Obama said.

Kagan took the podium after Obama spoke, thanking him. Saying her respect for the court has become “ever deeper and richer” in her time before the court as solicitor general, Kagan said it was a tremendous honor to replace Stevens. “The court is an extraordinary institution,” she said.

Kagan, whom Obama considered nominating during the last Supreme Court vacancy, is the government’s top appellate lawyer and representative at the Supreme Court. She was confirmed as solicitor general last year by the Senate in a 61-to-31 vote and was the first woman confirmed to hold the job.

Because she would replace Stevens, the leader of the court’s liberal bloc, the ideological balance among the nine justices would not change.


* The Dog is now 2- 2 on calling Supeme picks early…..

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