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Wall Sreet and Talking out of both sides of your mouth……

I wrote about Obama and bashing Wall Street while having his fundraising hand out…..

This from Jerome Armstrong over @ MyDD.Com

Daniel this one’s for you and TPL……

How much money has Obama taken from Goldman Sachs? Should he return it?

Bonus current thematic follow-up: What level of the dimensional chess is the move by Goldman Sachs to hire Obama‘s former personal White House counsel during the first year of his presidency?

My my, what the revolving doors lead to nowadays.

More……..…..and Comments (the real interesting part! )

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Rep. Conyers gets a call from President…and is told to cool it…..stop picking on me….

Rep. Conyers , The Chair of the House Judiciary Committee received a call from the head of his party, Barack Obama and was told that he was not at all happy with the 23 term congressman’s carping about the president….

Conyers, taken aback, explained to the President,  the former Senator from his home state….’ That it wasn’t anything personal, it was an honest difference on issue….And he that he wanted to talk about it’…..

I’m sure the president will get around to discussing things with the 80-year-old congressmen……

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