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The Oligarch Kings…..The United Fruit Company…..The CIA…Coups…And Bananas…..

Although Rockefeller is best remembered for his oil money and his political family – his grandson was Vice President, he had interests in other monopolies too, copper, tobacco and perhaps least recalled – bananas.

He was the money in The United Fruit Company which appeared on the surface to be a fairly anodyne, if not stultifying boring firm engaged in trying to persuade the children of 50’s America in the health giving properties of milk and bananas.  Not exactly world shaking stuff.

Unless you had the misfortune to live in Central America.

The United Fruit Company had plantations in Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Santo Dominica and most infamously Guatemala.  A number of these states have had problematic relations with the USA ever since.  At the height of its powers The United Fruit Company owned a staggering 42% of the entire country of Guatemala and paid not one cent in tax on any of it.

The company also owned the railways, the telephone system, the ports and a large fleet of ships build by some of the finest shipyards in the world.

Not unsurprisingly the people of Guatemala took against this foreign domination, and when offered the opportunity in an election in 1951 to voice an opinion – voted in their droves for Jacobo Arbenz.  Arbenz had suggested the not overly revolutionary idea of buying out some of the lands that the Company was not actually using so that landless people might grow food to eat.  It wasn’t even appropriation.  Arbenz said he would pay them the agreed value The United Fruit Company stated on their own returns.  Cute!  I mean an American company would never ever undervalue its own assets for tax purposes now would it?

The company took umbrage at the utter impertinence of this jumped up peon and aided a coup of disaffected Guatemalan army officers who invaded from Honduras with covert assistance from the CIA in an operation known as PBSUCCESS.  They had persuaded Truman and Eisenhower that Arbenz was going to take the country over to the dark side and ally the country to the USSR.

So, who were these business men?  Well at the time of the Guatemalan coup we find the following closely connected with the board of United Fruit.

John Foster Dulles and the firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, had been legal council for the UFC for decades and John Foster Dulles was also a major shareholder in UFC.  And at the time John Foster Dulles was also the Secretary of State under President Dwight D Eisenhower.  Dulles’s grandfather had also been Secretary’s of State in the time of President Ben Harrison……


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The administration quietly softens its stance on travel to and from Cuba…..

Quietly …the White house has begun  to let the State Department grant travel visa’s to Cuban’s seeking to enter the United State and the House is working on a bill to clear travel between the two counties……..

It is about time…the United States will be able to assert its power on the countries political system by the influx of goods and services…..as in Russia and China….this countries economic wave always is its best weapon……

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Cuba next?……..

This report on the Obama administration’s quiet efforts to effect ‘change’ in  United States-Cuban  relations…….something it is about time somebody decided to work on…..I know national politican’s are afraid of the Cuban vote in Florida…but now, between national elections, is the time to work on things which haven’t changed, since the 1960’s, with a country 90 miles away………

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Gitmo…a lesson for a new President in what he can…and cannot get done……

President Barack Obama promised during the campaign that he would shut down the  Guantanamo Bay Prison, on the tip of Cuba , by January…a year after he stepped into the presidency……..Yesterday the White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, all but acknowledged that the government would not be able to keep that promise……..while most old timers will nod at that admission, a lot of people here in this country, and abroad will question….why not?

Well, the simple fact is folks…Presidents don’t have the ability to do what ever they want…to the contrary….. Their power …even over things close to them, is routed in their ability to push, persuade, and out maneuver people and events…….

John Kennedy learned this with the Russian’s back when… after making the deal with them to keep their missile’s out of Cuba, while he would in return, take offensive ballistic missile’s out of Turkey…….a while after he thought things where okay, he learned to his chagrin that his military never up held his order to remove the missile’s from Turkey……the Russian knew it…but he didn’t until they told him………

Well, things are still that way because the President with all his perceived power still can’t find places to put all the detainee’s…..NIMBY problem’s in the United States and adverse publicity abroad are some of the problems he faces, to name a few…..

The whole thing has to be a humbling experience, to say the least…..

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