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Charlie Crist will stay in the Race in Florida for the Senate……..

The Dog has cautioned Daniel several times that Crist would not make any political moves despite bad poll numbers until he finished debating  his GOP opponent Marco Rubio…..

After the two stepped off on their first debate Crist has announced that he’s NOT backing out of the race……


Please read the comments to the linked piece…they are interesting

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio debated Sunday morning on Fox, where the two Senate hopefuls sparred over everything from the stimulus to the price of Rubio’s haircuts.

Crist also confirmed that, despite Rubio leading the governor by double digits in the Republican Senate primary race (an average of 25.4 points in March, according to Real Clear Politics data), he would be running as a Republican and not entering the race as an independent. And if elected, he said, he would not ditch the office to run for the Oval Office in 2012.

Crist also defended his acceptance of stimulus funds, and said as a senator he would have voted for the $787 billion package.

“I think it was the right thing to do at the time,” Crist said, noting that the economy “was falling off a cliff.”

“Things have started to stabilize now and they’re getting better in Florida,” he added.

Rubio contended that record 12.2 percent unemployment in the state showed otherwise. “If it’s bad for America it couldn’t possibly be good for your state,” he said.


Links to the debate……Here…..…..and Here…..….

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From CD…..Sparring at the Alabama Governor debate…..

Artur Davis.jpgRon Sparks.jpg

[Congressman Artur Davis…..Agriculture Comissioner Ron Sparks…..]

During Saturday’s gubernatorial forum in downtown Huntsville, the sparring among the Democrats kept up long enough that a Republican candidate, Bradley Byrne, picked up his chair and shuffled to the other side of the dais.

That won a round of laughs from the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association.

But Ron Sparks, the state agriculture commissioner and Democratic candidate for governor, didn’t smile as he accused his opponent of telling one thing to farmers, and saying another at the last five forums.

Sparks charged that U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, D-Birmingham, had told groups that it isn’t fair for a poor mother in Alabama to pay tax on milk or formula, while cattlemen don’t pay tax on some of their fields.

Davis, also a Democratic candidate for governor, said he didn’t want to increase taxes for anyone, only repeal the state’s grocery tax.

“I would love to hear Commissioner Sparks explain why he supports the (federal) health care bill,” countered Davis at the Von Braun Center.

Davis, who referred to Sparks as his good friend without ever turning to face him, said that Sparks surely misspoke. Sparks, who accused Davis of rudely interrupting him at one point, snapped: “No, congressman, I didn’t misspeak.”


This race is going to be interesting……The unspeakable thing in this race is ????……in Alamaba?

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In New Jersey…..Christie turns from Corzine to Daggert to try for the win…….

Politics can get strange sometimes…..With NJ Governor Corzine even with Christie in the polls and the Governor unable to improve his numbers much past where he is, it is Chris Daggert who is now the biggest obstacle to him winning his bid to become Governor of New Jersey…..Christie has seen his lead on Corzine evaporate and Chris Daggert ‘s numbers elevate into the 14% range. The increase in Daggert’s numbers come at the expense of Christie who will surly lose to Corzine if his bleeding of votes continue…..With that in mind …the last debate between the three found Christie going after Daggert about tax cuts and Daggert throwing a good one’s back at Christie …….

In the end here with a little more than two weeks to go…it will be where the Daggert voters go…do they stay with him?….stay home?….Or go to Christie?

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