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Daniel…..Breaking down the West Virginia 1st Congressional District of U. S. Rep. Alan B. Mollohan (D-WV 1) as Votes come in…..

Hello Folks!

Here is a little breakdown of the West Virginia First Congressional District as Votes come in tonight:

The I -79 Corridor vote

To win, Mollohan will need to pile on the votes in the northern panhandle area of the district, which includes Wheeling and Weirton, while retaining the support he typically registers in the areas along the Interstate 79 Corridor—Fairmont, Morgantown, and Clarksburg.

“If Mollohan’s not doing well in the I-79 Corridor, he’s in for a long night,” said Mike Plante, a Democratic strategist in the state. “If he’s not racking up strong numbers in those areas, it’s going to be tough.”

While Mollohan has traditionally performed well in the corridor, there are signs this cycle might be more difficult. Anti-abortion groups have turned their fire on their former ally for backing the health care reform bill and have papered the region with mailers blasting the congressman.

Even if Mollohan captures the nomination, Republicans say they will be looking at Mollohan’s vote total in the key corridor as a test of his vulnerability.

“If Oliverio can get within 10 percent of Alan Mollohan in the I-79 corridor, it gives Republicans a great chance to beat Alan Mollohan in the general election,” said Republican strategist David Avella, a veteran of West Virginia campaigns.

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Daniel…..Ohio Senate Democratic Primary: Race appears to be decided as Lieutenant Governor Fisher opens up 17-Point lead over Brunner according to a new Quinnipiac University Survey …..

Hello Folks and Good Morning!

The Race to face Republican Robert J. “Rob” Portman (R-OH) in the Fall looks like is decided.

A new Survey released by Quinnipiac University this morning in the Buckeye State of Likely Democratic Primary Voters shows Ohio Lieutenant Governor Lee Irwin Fisher (D-OH) has opened up a 17-Point over his Primary Rival Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D-OH).

Brunner has been vastly outspend by Fisher over the last couple of weeks and the DSCC is now running TV-Ads on behalf of Fisher.

Quinnipiac University Survey

Ohio Senate 2010

Democratic Primary

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Lee Irwin Fisher  41 %
Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner  24 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  34 %

Candidates Campaign Websites:




This Race looks like is decided in favor of Fisher.

It remains to be seen though if he can beat Portman in November.
Fisher has a pretty bad Statewide Track Record. Fisher lost the 1998 Governor Race against Republican Bob Taft (R-OH). He served as Attorney General in the State from 1991 to 1995.

Daniel G.

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Reshma Saujani is challenging Carolyn Maloney in the NY-14 Democratic Primary………………

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Rallies Support After Rival Announcer Run for Her Seat

In a race in New York ‘s 14th Congressional District we have two very different women running with two very different bases…….

Maloney has held the seat since 1993…..and has union and established voters …..

Saujani a Lawyer and a business woman…..is apealing to the ethnic new voters in the district..which covers Manhattan and Queens……..

Maloney has big name funders……and Saujani works the internet……

Here’s something on the race…..

To win in politics, you gotta have friends. Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s are in high places, whereas challenger Reshma Saujani’s are on Twitter.

Maloney launched her campaign at the Yale Club, where supporters including Gloria Steinem and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn raised $100,000.

Before she officially announced her candidacy, Saujani cultivated an online presence through Facebook, a Huffington Post Op-Ed and a regularly updated Twitter feed.

The differences in their approaches to capturing the congressional District 14 seat, representing most of Manhattan’s east side, point to a generational divide in campaign styles that Saujani has used to her advantage.

Saujani said at a meet and greet with supporters last month that reaching voters through social networking is the campaign’s conscious effort to follow President Barack Obama’s succesful strategy.

“I hope we can do the same thing,” she said “We’re like the start up candidate.”

Young, tech entrepreneurs have flocked to her campaign, raising $20,000 at the hip Gramercy home of Vault founder Sam Hamadeh at a party hosted with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Guest of a Guest reported.

Where Saujani has twittered and blogged her way to support from the technocrati, Maloney has turned to the bedrock alliance of women’s groups and unions that she’s built during her 17 years in office.

Established Democratic backers such as Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York and the Women’s Campaign Forum have thrown their support behind Maloney.

“Power in Washington is tenure, and she’s got seniority,” said Siobahn “Sam” Bennett, president and CEO of WCF. “That doesn’t mean Reshma isn’t a great candidate, she is, but Carolyn is essential.”

Organizers for Maloney’s campaign dismissed the idea that there was a generational divide between the campaigns.


Note:…….Saujani has annouced her campaign staff….. which has ties to the Obama Administration (?!!)…..

Reshma Saujani, who is challenging Rep. Carolyn Maloney in a Democratic primary, announced she has a field team in place.

They include an Obama White House intern, an Obama organizer who worked in North Carolina, and an Obama campaign aide who worked on Rep. Scott Murphy’s campaign upstate.

Here’s the release……

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Harold Ford leaning towards primarying Kirsten Gillibrand for the New York Senate seat!……

Kirsten Gillibrand…… New York Governor Paterson’s pick to fill  Hillary Clinton’s seat is probably going to get premiered for the Democratic Senate Seat from New York…and I for one am happy…I have been hoping for this for some time and boy am I glad….

Gillibrand has more in common with a Southern Republican than a downstate New York Democrat and is unknown below Westchester…..

Man am I happy right now!…Two democratic senator’s retiring …ain’t good but no Kirsten Gillibrand is better….

More to come……

Here’s a link to an earlier post I did on a Harold Ford Jr polling story….That will probably come true…..

And this time lets see if Obama steps in?

More…..I’m writing this as fast as I get my act together…...Gillibrand loses to every Republican but the janitor in polling……

Here’s my first post on the story when Ford ran a poll quietly in the state….the story …ran in the New York Political site’s only

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Carolyn Maloney (D-NY-14th Dist) is going to get primaried……..

Maloney, 60,  will be running against Reshma Saujani, and Ms. Saujani has hired a veteran campaign manager, Kevin Lawler (he worked for Obama in six states) …… Maloney, if you remember, was going to run against Kirsten Gillibrand for a while, but didn’t actually did so…..Maloney has had a rough last few months, losing her husband on a mountain climbing trip. …….Saujani is not new to politics…..she is a lawyer , and was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in the past…….Maloney has owned the district since 1993……

This may turn out to be interesting…..since Saujani who is, much younger than Maloney and is a lawyer, also has a financial background…..the machine against a young, smart upstart….

Stay tuned……

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