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Colorado Gov Ritter to retire!……

The Democrats are not having a good day to day……not with this news…..

CO-GOV: Bill Ritter to retire

Via The Fix:

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (D) will not seek a second term this fall, according to Democratic sources briefed on his decision.

Ritter, elected in a landslide in 2006, had seen his political fate dip considerably in the intervening years, and faced an extremely difficult re-election race against former Rep. Scott McInnis (R) in November.

“Bill Ritter was literally the weakest incumbent in nearly 50 years and his own party was unenthusiastic at best for his reelection,” said Colorado Republican party chairman Dick Wadhams. “Colorado has certainly changed from that heady day at Invesco Field.”

Democrats are likely to turn to either former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff or Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper to replace Ritter. Romanoff is currently challenging appointed Sen. Michael Bennet in a Democratic primary and if he could be convinced to switch races would solve two problems for the party.

Colorado is now the eleventh open seat Democrats must defend this year although the other ten seats are being vacated as a result of term limits. Republicans also have eleven open seats of their own to defend. There are 37 governors races on the ballot this fall.

Ritter was a weak choice, so his retirement actually improves Democrats chances of holding this seat because Democrats have a huge bench here to go up against former GOP Congressman Scott McInnis, the presumptive GOP nominee. Still, the GOP is favored.


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No Obama no voters……

A lot of democrats found out something very surprising Wednesday morning, after this past election night……with Obama not in the picture…People stayed home…Even though the president went out campaigning for some candidates (and not for others) people who walked thru walls for Obama, just were not interested this time, and didn’t go to the polls…….…

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Sen. Ben Nelson wants 65 senate votes for a Healthcare Bill…….

Simple…65 votes provide cover for the democrats and Obama…something I have said from the beginning….I know the democrats could do it alone…but that would be bad politics………

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Any Healthcare bill will be bipartisan…….Believe it……..

I have posted here that I believe that any ultimate Healthcare bill should and will be bipartisan…and I firmly believe that…and I don’t care what the media talking heads, or liberal, or progressive blogs print…the bill cannot be democratic only bill…it just won’t work…..Obama simply can’t accept that politically and logically and he’ll never get the required votes (especially with Byrd back in the hospital, and the fluid position of Ted Kennedy’s seat)…….I stand by my analysis…….

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The Progressive dilemma……….

Nate Silver, over at FivethirtyEight sums up the dilemma for the Progressive wing of the Democratic party…do they REALY stick to the ‘public option’ and risk the ENTIRE healthcare bill ? ( they pushed back this week )…..or do they bluff their way down to the wire, and join Obama in taking a bill w/o the option (add co-ops, maybe), and call it a victory……as I have posted here…I think Obama ( who can’t come out of this empty handed, NO MATTER WHAT ) is gonna be the one to decide in the end…..but Silver does give a good snap shot of the thinking with-in the Progressives camp…………..

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Burris, Corzine and Schumer………..

Well they are all Democrats…..but that’s where it ends……..Roland Burris (D , IL) is thinking about changing his mind and running for re-election…..Jon Corzine, the New Jersey Governor is asking …….why won’t Christie answer his Freedom of Information requests on Christie’s actions and dealings as US Attorney in New Jersey?………and Chuck Schumer is on a roll……….Gillibrand, Sotomayor, Democratic senators elected while he did the recruiting………

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