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From Daniel G…….Massachusetts Governor: Deval Patrick (D-MA) leads but Trends are very disturbing…….

Morning Dog!

After Scott Brown’s Victory in Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) is in a world of hurt. Though he still leads in a 3-way Race his Job Approval as well as his reelect Numbers are very bad according to a new 7News / Suffolk University Poll.

7News / Suffolk University Poll

Massachusetts Governor 2010

Democratic Primary

Incumbent Governor Deval Patrick  59 %
’06 Governor Candidate Grace Ross  15 %
Undecided  26 %

Republican Primary

Charlie Baker  47 %
Christy Mihos  17 %
Undecided  36 %

General Election

Incumbent Governor Deval Patrick (D)  33 %
Charlie Baker (R)  25 %
State Treasurer Tim Cahill (I)  23 %
Jill Stein (G)  3 %
Undecided  16 %

Incumbent Governor Deval Patrick (D)  34 %
State Treasurer Tim Cahill (I)  26 %
Businessman Christy Mihos (R)  19 %
Jill Stein (G)  3 %
Undecided  18 %

Job Approval

Governor Deval Patrick (D)

Approve  35 %
Disapprove  54 %
Not Sure  10 %

Does Governor Deval Patrick (D) deserve to get reelected or it is time to give someone else a chance?

Deserves Reelection  29 %
Give someone else a chance  60 %
Not Sure  11 %

Full Results can be found here:


Daniel G

While Daniel is correct on the Scott Brown win…The Dog believes that Massachusetts is simply too democratic for any seismic shift in voting patterns that would see another Republican getting a state-wide office…..But the Dog could be wrong…..I don’t think so, though….

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Merlin on the upcoming Massachusetts Governor race…..

Hello Dog!

I know there is so much talk now about the Massachusetts Senate Special Election….but, I almost led slipped through, that there’ll be another BIG Race in the Bay State. This November Voters will decide if they sent Governor Deval Patrick (D) back to Office for another 4 years.

This Race shaping up be a very interesting one with Republican & Independent Candidates in the running. Here are the Numbers…..

Boston Globe / University of New Hampshire Survey Center

Job Approval Governor Deval Patrick

Approve  41 %
Disapprove  52 %
Undecided  7 %

That’s dismal for a sitting Governor in a very blue State.

Massachusetts Governor 2010

General Election

Inc. Governor Deval Patrick (D)  30 %
State Treasurer Tim Cahill (I)  23 %
State Senator Charlie Baker (R)  19 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  28 %

Inc. Governor Deval Patrick (D)  32 %
State Treasurer Tim Cahill (I)  23 %
Christy Mihos (R)  19 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  26 %

Full Graphics here


Mark my words. If Coakley loses, or comes close to  losing Patrick is TOAST. Unlike what we saw in the Texas Governor Race  in 2006 ….Independent Candidate Tim Cahill could win this thing here in MA.


Thanks Merlin…but,  ah…I do see that Democrat Governor Patrick leads all the other people running right now…..so he can’t be doing that bad…..right?

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Updates on posts from July………

1) Is Corzine Falling behind?…..(7/29/09) …….

Yep…..but he’s coming back…….( he’s doing a whole better than Deeds)

2) Are the Democrats invincible?……..(7/29/09)……

Nope………as Deeds, Corzine or Patrick

3) The Healthcare vote exposes Democratic fault lines…….(7/30/09)……

Yep……ask the Democratic Liberals and  Progressives

4) New York State still has a Lt. Governor……(7/31/09)…..

Nope…..not no more…an Appellate court ruled against Governor Paterson’s action….

5) The Cash for Clunkers program will probably be back….with more cash…….(7/31.09)

And will be close down again in the morning, a victim of it’s success……with 400,000 + vehicles, exchanged

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Democrats Invincible?

most of the democrats I know have been crowing about how the republicans won’t be back for  ions……..well, I keep reminding people that politics is cyclical……and unforeseen things happen and do effect races…….well a few people you don’t need to tell that right now are………Governor Corzine of New Jersey, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin

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