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President Obama will nominate James Clapper to The Director for National Intelligence Post….

House Committee Assesses Al-Qaeda Strength

The Dog fells sorry for James Clapper

Who is volunteering for a thankless job that really should back to the CIA Director……

Clapper  has no background with Obama and will be usurped by CIA Director Panneta…..

Who has the personnel and political juice…..

He is former House member from California….

Who has the manpower and political juice…..

Clapper has had a rough time with Congress in the past…..

He might not even make it……

Like a said…..I wouldn’t want to be him….

He gonna get ran over……


In Clapper, the White House has elevated a seasoned intelligence official. The former lieutenant general in the U.S. Air Force serves as the under secretary of defense for intelligence and previously held several key positions within the intelligence community including director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

His nomination could face tough partisan opposition in Congress. The prospect of his selection has been drawing fire from vocal GOP critics of the administration’s national security policy, including the senior Republicans on the Senate and House Intelligence Committees, Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) and Rep. Pete Hoesktra (R-Mich.).

“Unfortunately, with his pick in Jim Clapper as the next DNI, the President has ensured our terror-fighting strategy will continue to be run out of the Department of Justice and White House,” Bond said in a statement Friday. “While Jim has served our nation well, he lacks the necessary clout with the President, has proven to be less than forthcoming with Congress, and has recently blocked our efforts to empower the DNI, which is why at this time I’m not inclined to support him.”

Hoekstra has called Clapper “exactly the wrong person” for the DNI job because of his resistance to keeping Congress informed.

Hoesktra also predicted that Clapper would tangle with Congress because he “doesn’t like” providing information during testimony before committees with jurisdiction.

“What I’ve found is that he doesn’t like Congress – you can’t get a straight answer from him when he’s testifying. It’s like pulling teeth. He would be a sharp contrast to Director Blair,” he said.

Hoesktra also has accused Clapper, as well as White House officials, of actively trying to keep critical intelligence information from him.

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Dennis Blair…….. the Director of National Intelligence resigns…….

FILE - In this Jan. 22, 2009 file photo, National Intelligence Director-designate Dennis Blair delivers his opening statement on Capitol Hill in Washington, during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on his nomination. Sources say that Blair is resigning. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

Sometimes things should remain the same….

Blair’s immediate resignation is about being passed over on a trip to Pakistan that ended up being taken by CIA Director Panetta and National Security Advisor James Jones….. The long term reason has to do with two things….

Number 1…….Adm Blair is a quiet ..Behind the scenes guy…..

During ever terrorist incident, NW 235, Times Square and others…..Jones has NOT been the ‘Go To ‘ Guy….

Because of that..He has suffered in the media and Administration’s eye…..He’s not been a strong beauricratic player…

Number 2……And I believe this the root cause…..

There really shouldn’t be  Director of National Intelligence.

The job should handled by the CIA Director …as it has been done in the past……

“The position was a political fix after 9/11 to address the fact that agencies assigned to protect this country through intelligence gathering ….From the NSA to local Police didn’t really talk to each other….and couldn’t connect the dots in the 9/11 plot…..The role of controlling the nations intelligence agencies was the CIA Director’s…….

The DNI was supposed to correct all that…..

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI), is the United States government official subject to the authority, direction and control of the President, who is responsible under the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 for:

Under 50 U.S.C. § 403-3a, it is desired that either the Director or the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence be an active duty commissioned officer in the armed forces or have training or experience in military intelligence activities and requirements. No more than one officer can hold either position during the same term. The statute does not specifically state what rank the commissioned officer will hold during his tenure in either position, but trends lean towards an officer holding the rank of a four-star general or admiral. The current DNI is retired Navy four-star admiralDennis C. Blair.

On July 30, 2008, President Bush issued Executive Order 13470amending Executive Order 12333 to strengthen the role of the DNI.”

The Formation of the office has done NO SUCH THING…..

The fact is……..

Critics say compromises during the bill’s crafting led to the establishment of a DNI whose powers are too weak to adequately lead, manage and improve the performance of the US Intelligence Community.In particular, the law left the United States Department of Defense in charge of the National Security Agency (NSA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. (The limited DNI role in leading the US Intelligence Community is discussed in the Intelligence Community article.)

In addition, The DNI has no budgetary control over any of the agencies…….

It has no role in actually fielding assets….

And it is actually at the mercy of what ever those agencies ‘it talks to’ choose to tell it…..

I n fact the DNI has been the loser in several ‘dust-ups’ with CIA Director Panetta…….

The last one before the trip Blair was cut out of (at the President’s direction ) was the effort to have A DNI Station Chief in embassies all over the work=ld that would be in-charge of ALL intelligence gathering in country…..Blair lost that one to CIA Director Panetta also…..

To be fair the CIA Director Panetta is an old Washington hand…who was a Congressman from California and a Chief of Staff to President Clinton…..

Blair had no chance from the jump against those odds….aAndto be honest the idea of the DNI never really has found a home in DC , where beauricrats fight cut throat battles to keep their power….

Obama and Congress should do themselves and the tax payers a favor…… and dismantle the whole thing and send it back to the CIA….. where it belongs…….


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A base figure for US intelligence annual spending……..

According to Dennis Blair , the Director  of National Intelligence , the Intelligence figure for the United States is $75 billion………

Which is not a true figure, since there are parts of the intel budget in the military and other agencies……..But it IS a base number that hasn’t been revealed before, so I’ll honor it…with a grain of salt……….

Jeff Stein over at Spy Talk links a Brookings Institute critical study on National Intelligence efforts should be seriously looked at by congress with an eye towards getting better product, instead of the current CYA product , he comments, produced to keep the CIC and senior staff happy………..

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