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The Navy SEAL’s are looking to add More Diversity to its ranks…


Well look at this….

The SEAL’s have come to see that white guys with steel eyes and crew cuts aren’t gonna be TOO hard to spot and ID as Special Operators in Africa or Asia…

I comment the Navy for getting on the ball and reaching out for MORE diversity in the Special Operations ranks…

It can only Help the units….


The homepage of the SEALs’ recruiting website

In nature, most seals are black, with relatively few white ones. The Navy’s SEALs have exactly the opposite problem – they’re overwhelmingly white, with hardly any blacks. So they’re trying to do something about it.

It’s a fundamental challenge in a democracy with an all-volunteer force: recruits may be drawn from all segments of society, but elite military units – and none is more elite these days than the SEALs, following their dispatch of Osama bin Laden last May – tend to draw from small pools of talent. For the SEALs, that includes athletic young men who are smart and good in the water. For whatever reason, that has led to an overwhelmingly white SEAL force.

Say the SEALs:

Gaps exist in minority representation in both officer and enlisted ranks for Special Warfare operators. Diverse officers represent only ten percent of the officer pool (for example, African Americans represent less than 2% of SEAL officers). Diverse enlisted SEALs account for less than twenty percent of the total SEAL enlisted population. Naval Special Warfare is committed to fielding a force that represents the demographics of the nation it serves. This contract initiative seeks effective strategies to introduce high potential candidates from diverse backgrounds to the opportunities available in Naval Special Warfare.

The SEALs are considering hiring help to attract thousands of “minority males in the 16–24 year-old target age range” to become SEALs. “This contract will create a mechanism to enhance Naval Special Warfare’s ability to conduct outreach, raise awareness, mentor, and increase self-selection to a career as a SEAL within minority communities,” a recently-posted draft contract solicitation says.

The Navy isn’t seeking only black SEALs: “Challenges for minority recruitment also exist in the Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander (API), Native American, and Arab American populations among others,” the announcement notes. “Given shifting demographics, these gaps in representation need to be corrected to ensure continued access. There are sustainment, societal, educational, and operational drawbacks to failing to correct this disparity.”

Ain’t that the truth. U.S. special operators have long acknowledged they face challenges mixing in with foreign populations because they look so American. The SEALs acknowledge as much: “Traditional SEAL Team demographics will not support some of the emerging mission elements that will be required,” it says.

Two pictures highlight the challenge:

On the cover of the latest issue of Newsweek are 10 SEALs. All of them appear to be Caucasian. That’s the reality.

But when you go to the SEALs’ recruiting website, there are only two SEALs. Both of them appear to be African-American.

That’s the desire…..


From Politicaldog101.Com…


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From CD….Past Idol winners……

Season 1: Kelly Clarkson (Texas-2002): Anglo

Season 2: Ruben Studdard (Alabama-2003): African American

Season 3: Fantasia Barrino (North Carolina-2004): African American

Season 4: Carrie Underwood (Oklahoma-2005): Anglo

Season 5: Taylor Hicks (Alabama-2006): Anglo

Season 6: Jordin Sparks (Arizona-2007): African American

Season 7: David Cook (Missouri-2008): Anglo

Season 8: Kris Allen (Arkansas-2009): Anglo

Season 9: ???


[ Top…….Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino…..bottom…..Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks…..]

American Idol Top 12 party in Los AngelesKris Allen

Kris Allen….                                                                                          David Cook……

American Idol is still going to be pressured to have a Latino or Asian winner on the show.

The closest an Asian came to cracking the Final 2 was Jasmine Trias in 2004, and David Archuleta (2008) and Diana DeGarmo: she’s mixed for sure (2004) were the only 2 Latinos to make the Final 2.

Allison Iraheta (2009)was a heartbeat away from making the Top 3, maybe even the Final 2 last year, had it not been for the judges pimping for Adam and Danny, which backfired bigtime when Kris picked up all of Allison and Danny’s voters.

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The NYPD tries its hand at diversity……

The largest Police Department in America is working hard to attract prospective police officers from around the world.….the Department, at about 40,000 offices boasts recruits from  88 different countries…..in graduating a new class of 250 rookies last week the department tries to keep pace with retirements that have eaten away at its manpower levels…..The Department, and its Housing and Transit Divisions,  still remains thousands of officers below it authorized strength due to budget restrictions…..

Under Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly the New York City Police Department has moved from just being the beat cop, or the cop in patrol car to having police officers, fly helicopters, drive boats, disable bombs, provide protection for high-profile criminal cases and provide protection for heads of states on their annual journey to the U.N…

In addition to the NYPD…..the New York City area has other smaller Police Departments that share police duties for the area’s transport facilities like the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department, Amtrak Police, and Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police …..

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GOP and diversity?…….really?

Politico had a piece about how the GOP is reaching out for more diverse candidates to run for office….while the piece is inviting…I, for one, remain skeptical of the premise……anyone remember the cleansing that occurred right after Obama took office?….how about the abuse the current GOP chair took when he ascended to the post?……and finally, lets see what happens in the mid year elections………what’s that about an old dog, and new tricks?

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