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Arrests of illegal crossers along the Southwest border dropped more than two-thirds from 2000 to 2010…

Border fence

The desert sand east of San Luis, Ariz., is imprinted with Border Patrol tracks in this 2007 photo. New stadium lighting, triple fencing, more border agents and the recession are credited with a plunge in the numbers of illegal crossings in the Southwest since 2000. (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

Last night a commentor lamented the call by this Dog and the President for Immigration reform….

The post was long and criticized ANY let up in illegal immigration enforcement….

That same posted should read this linked piece…

The Illegal immigration problem is fading….

While there will always be illegals….

There really isn’t any reason to keep hiring more Border Patrol people….

Nor is there any reason to build anymore fences or walls….

It seems that a lousy economy has slowed the influx of people better than any wall, border patrol person , or other Government law enforcement tool….

Enough with this more enforcement bullshit…

We need reform of the laws to address the problems in the current system that penalized people who serve this country and can’t get citizenship….

We need a system to not ship out young children that only know America as their country….

And a way to address needs of this country for people who can help it grow and prosper….

Wild foot chases and dust-swirling car pursuits may be the adrenaline-pumping stuff of recruitment efforts, but agents on the U.S.-Mexico border these days have to deal with a more mundane occupational reality: the boredom of guarding a frontier where illegal crossings have dipped to record low levels.

Porous corridors along the 2,000-mile border do remain, mostly in the Tucson area, requiring constant vigilance. But beefed-up enforcement and the job-killing effects of the great recession have combined to reduce the flood of immigrants in many former hot spots to a trickle.

Apprehensions along the Southwest border overall dropped more than two-thirds from 2000 to 2010, from 1.6 million to 448,000, and almost every region has lonely posts where agents sit for hours staring at the barrier, watching the “fence rust” as some put it.

“When the traffic stops … of course it’s going to be difficult for the agents to stay interested,” said Supervisory Agent Ken Quillin, from the agency’s Yuma, Ariz., sector. “I understand guys have a tough time staying awake…. they didn’t join the border patrol to sit on an X,” Quillin added, using the slang term for line watch duty……


We now need to seperate the fact of this issue from the hyped fiction….

From Politicaldog 101…

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