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Charlie Crist believes in himself and his way…..

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, his GOP challenger for a U.S. Senate seat, on

[ Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, his GOP challenger for a U.S. Senate seat, on “Fox News Sunday.” ]

We political junkies can’t understand it…….

Charlie Crist just got ran over by the Marco Rubio train…..

And yet Crist keeps on…..

Never seeming to be angry, scared…..or tired…..

What gives?

E.J. Dionne from the Washington Post does a piece on Charlie Crist …..the man…which looks at him up close and finds a man at peace with himself and his belief that  he is doing the best job he can for ALL FLORIDIANS…not just the Republicans, Democrats , not the Right, the Left or the Middle….but ALL….

You know it is rare to see this in a politician…..

I recently asked Daniel why do they list public officials party FIRST …then their state?

You know if I was down there I’d be giving Charlie Crist a good second look…..

He deserves it…..

Rarely have polls swung so sharply. Last May, one survey found Crist with a 37-point lead on Rubio. Early last month, a poll showed Rubio with a 34-point advantage.

Yet in an interview after the news conference, Crist seemed content, his smile as warm as ever. He said he enjoyed hisdebate with Rubio on Fox News last Sunday. He used the encounter to call attention to a joint St. Petersburg Times-Miami Herald investigative report on Rubio’s alleged private use of funds from two political committees he controlled.

“The more people hear about the reality of Marco Rubio instead of the idea of Marco Rubio, they don’t like what they see,” Crist told me, adding that he was not worried that going on the attack might clash with his nice-guy image. “I always enjoy telling the truth.” And there is at least some evidence in the most recent polls that it’s now Rubio’s turn to come back to Earth. One showed Crist within 11 points, though others showed a gap in the 20- to 25-point range.

There is probably no politician in the country who has suffered more than Crist from the collapse of Obama’s standing among Republicans. Early last year, Crist’s buoyant moderation — “He’s the sunny side of conservatism,” said Greg Truax, Crist’s campaign chair in Hillsborough County — looked the perfect GOP antidote to an Obama who stood astride the political landscape.

Crist was almost alone among members of his party in endorsing the president’s stimulus plan last year. He appeared with Obama at a pro-stimulus rally — and he hugged him. It was the hug that launched a thousand attacks, the visual backdrop for Rubio’s charge that Crist would not stand up to the president.

The Dionne piece…..

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