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The Army is getting screwed…..

First they took away the C-27J…the Army attempt to take the load off its heavy lift Chinook Helicopters…..and gave the program to the Air Force…who will, I’m sure deep-six it, for some fast movers (fighters)…..

Now There is a problem with the E-8, J oint Stars battle surveillance aircraft…The converted B-707 can paint an area, and let field commanders see what going on in greater detail than the ‘eyes in the sky ‘ satellites or unmanned Predators or Global Hawks…..

But now the Air Force has forgotten to put the money in for the Joint-Star’s aircraft to have engine upgrades, therefore cutting down on time the five or six aircraft fleet can operate….

I do not understand why the Army has to rely on the Air Force which has a romance with speed burners….(when was the last time they got’ into it’ with a hostale air force?…the Army fights every day, 24/7, in two theaters)

It is time for Congress to send the Army to the Marine school of  ‘taking care of your own’, and give them back the C-27J short-haul mission, and let them get their own intel aircraft like the G-550 housed EL/M-2075 that the Israeli’s, Indian and Chilians have or the British ASTOR’s…both aircraft are proven…off the shelf, originate in the United States, and should be used solely by the Army for its troops….

Next thing you know the Air Force will want to glam the Army’s Emars aircraft too!

It is about time that  they stop robbing the Army, to make the Air Force happy……

That stinks…….

And the soldiers and the commanders in the field get screwed…..

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