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Emergency responders still lack cross band communications….

Actually……. the whole idea kinda will never work……

Police Officers talk on their radio’s…

Fire Fighters talk on their radio’s

Ambulance crews talk on their radios’…

The concept of them talking to each other at a emergency scene is alien….

Most people have never been to a real mass causality incident…

It’s crazy…..

The key to the communication issue is good dispatchers that LISTEN to their frequency’s transmissions…

To expect different service providers to use the same codes and try to babble over each other is ridiculous..

And one of the reasons the policy will never be wide spread…

I n addition, in medium to large cites, towns and counties different agncies are very territorial and the sharing of assets’ tightly guarded…

The simple answer is to have dispatchers relocated to center building and have dedicated systems that have each agency monitor other frequencies in emergencies…..

With that cost-effective policy…everybody does their own thing…but dispatchers have the ability to talk on different radio frequencies and thus save time and lives…..

Nine years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, first responders such as police and firefighters are still imperiled by substandard communications technology.

Witnesses testifying to the House Science Committee’s technology panel on Thursday said technological problems continue to put first responders in danger.

Mobile radio devices sometimes cannot communicate with other devices — even ones made by the same manufacturer — despite interoperability standards intended to guarantee just that, according to David Boyd, a director at the Homeland Security Department.

Boyd and Chris Orr, a program manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, said the need for action is “extremely urgent” and called for tests so to ensure technology operates across vendors, townships and agencies.

“The threshold has to be that we can look a fireman or a policeman in the eye and say that we’ve given them a program that when they hit the button” the device will work as promised, Orr said, noting that confidence is “lacking” among responders in the field.

The prevailing interoperability standard, Project 25, is issued by manufacturers rather than a third-party body, panelists said, and this means some devices pass certification even though they don’t work.

In contrast, consumer electronics devices are generally certified by external industry-created bodies. But no such entity exists for the smaller market of first responder equipment.

With government witnesses pushing for formal tests, Rep. Adrian Smith (R-Neb.), the subcommittee’s ranking member, warned against a “government mandate that will shut down innovation.” Any new test, whether industry-created or federally mandated, must be “Congress-proof,” he said.



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