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Unemployment rises to 10.2%……

While this number is .3% points higher than economists thought it would be…the underlying figures for all of the other economic indicators show that the country is indeed out of the deep recession and very slowly getting better…payroll data and other surveys indicate that employer’s are getting more productivity out the workers currently on the job, while other employers are simply going to wait for things to pick up more (all of this is the typical lag in increased employment, coming out of a economic downturn cycle)….retailers hiring for the holidays will wait until the last few weeks before hiring instead the traditional after Thanksgiving start days…..

Note:…..The stock market has taken the news instride…..remaining above 10,000 points….

Market Summary

At 2:03 PM ET: The major stock indexes are higher today with the S.&P. 500 index gaining 0.14%. Although breadth on the NYSE does not favor either advancing stocks or declining stocks, both small caps and large caps are rallying. Among individual stocks, the top percentage gainers in the S.&P. 500 are International Game Technology and NVIDIA Corporation

…from the NY Times………

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