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FactCheck on the GOP and Democrats hype on the Healthcare Law….

Both sides are turning things against each other….

If you are interested…..

You might want to take the time to read thru this linked piece which tries to answer the major statements by the politician’s for and against the

the Healthcare Law which is now in effect……

A lot of the numbers thrown around aren’t correct…

Not even close….

Quite a few of the numbers no-one will be able to figure out until the future….

And  quite a lot bullshit is going on……

From both sides….


The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office states that repealing the health care law would worsen the federal deficit over the next 10 years — by $230 billion.

So how does the House Republican Leadership support its claim that the law itself is “budget-busting” and would add $701 billion to the deficit? And how does Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi justify claiming it will “save taxpayers $1.3 trillion”? Both sides are spinning shamelessly.

We judge that CBO’s projection, which is both official and nonpartisan, is the best available. But even that estimate is uncertain, as the agency itself concedes. For one thing, there is doubt about whether all of the Medicare savings in the law will actually materialize. Those reductions are supposed to offset part of the law’s new spending, but they could put too great a burden on hospitals.

Pelosi’s $1.3 trillion claim is deceptive. She’s projecting CBO’s estimate 20 years into the future, something the agency says is an imprecise and uncertain calculation. Furthermore the law raises taxes to pay for much of its new spending, so saying it “saves taxpayers” anything is misleading. Her figure is actually a reduction in the projected federal deficit.

As for the GOP’s claim that “the bill would add over $700 billion in red ink over the next decade,” we judge it to be mostly bogus.

  • It rests largely on a claim that hundreds of billions of dollars in projected Medicare savings are being “double-counted.” But CBO is simply not doing that.
  • The GOP’s $700 billion figure also includes more than $200 billion for a permanent “doctor fix” to prevent a cut in Medicare payments to doctors. But that is not even a part of the new law, and many Republicans endorse the “doctor fix” anyway.
  • The GOP claims the law will cost $115 billion to administer, but that isn’t true. CBO actually puts those costs at roughly $10 billion to $20 billion over the next 10 years….

More…From FactCheck……


This from Politicaldog101….

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A Pledge of lies….

If even half this is true???…..

From Jed Lewison @Dailykos……

How bankrupt is the GOP idea machine? So bankrupt that even though they are challenging the governing party during worst economy since the Great Depression, the only way they think they can win is by telling a bunch of lies. FactCheck.org:

FactChecking ‘The Pledge’: Republicans’ “Pledge to America” falls short on some of its facts.

As FactCheck.org reports:

  1. Even though in 2010 private sector employment has grown by 763,000 jobs and public sector employment has shrunk, Republicans falsely claim the exact opposite, saying private sector payrolls have shrunk while public sector employment has grown.Even though jobless claims are down eight percent from the trough of the recession and continue to drop, Republicans falsely say they continue to soar.
  2. Even though their claim is completely without factual basis, Republicans falsely claim that the IRS is hiring an army of 16,500 IRS agents to investigate Americans…..


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Factcheck.Org takes a crack at some untruths in the Political arena….

They include things related to Healthcare and the Founding Fathers…..Funding the Troops….Healthcare Insurance Stocks…..and Excutive Payola…….oh, and there is more…..

You can’t believe everything your hear as gospel…….

Here’s the link…….

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