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Ferrari 485 Fundraiser picture….with Female…..

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[ Malin Ackerman attends the Ferrari 458 Italia Brings Funds for Haiti Relief event at Fleur de Lys in Los Angeles, California. ]

Damn…both have legs!

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A little more on the Ferrari 458 Italia….This time in the Winter……In Italy……

We did a post on this car a while back…and we’re still getting hits on it……so when I saw this piece I said why not post it up?

A review of a Hot Red Italian Sportscar in the Winter?

The 2010 Ferrari 458  Italia

Reporting from Maranello, Italy

Snow is a beautiful thing.

Snow wraps a pretty white scarf around the sordid and everyday. It’s the stuff of Cascade watersheds, the frosting on Kilimanjaro, the secret ingredient in Telluride daiquiris.

Snow is to be cherished.

Yet it’s not snowflakes that I see drifting into Ferrari’s brick courtyard on the Via Abetone, the Temple Mount in this, the Jerusalem of Red Cars. Instead, I imagine I see tiny, confetti-like news clippings from Corriere della Sera, each one telling of an American journalist who managed to plunge a Ferrari 458 Italia into a snowy mountain suckhole. If I did that, it would be the biggest weather related-accident since Dallas Raines bought his wardrobe.

I kid you not, young lovers. As I turn the red enamel key in the ignition, and the V-8’s devils begin to dance on the drumhead — KeWhe-drummmmmmmm — I am genuinely concerned.

Alas, the timing is what it is. I have a chance to drive Ferrari’s newest mid-engine V-8 Berlinetta, a car that’s quicker than the legendary Enzo (less than 3.4 seconds to 60 mph), with 72 horsepower more than the mind-frying F430, with a top speed in excess of 202 mph. A car with a wicked, scything aerodynamic shape, a bloody knife like never haunted Lady Macbeth.

And so the table is set: pounding snow, icy roads and a 562-hp, mid-engine reptile on stone-cold tires. An Italian hurt locker.

And yet, surprise, the 458 Italia rocks winter. Here’s why………


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485 Italia, Ferrari's "Car of the Year 2009" says TOPGEAR magazine…..

Man what a HOT car!…in fire engine RED!……..

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485 Italia, Ferrari’s “Car of the Year 2009” says TOPGEAR magazine…..

Man what a HOT car!…in fire engine RED!……..

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