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The new Healthcare provider….Your local Fire Department…….

The New York Times’ Ian Urbina spotlights a growing phenomena in America……The  increased use of the nations Firefighters as healthcare providers……spot lighting Washington D.C.’s Engine 10 (which is assigned to respond to all Emergency Medical calls in its area)…….the piece shows how the four person engine company responds to medical calls 80% of the time verses real fires, and false alarms….it points to the fact that the firefighters have become the last line of response for the Nations capital’s poor, who cannot afford hospital care……

The fire fighter’s gripe that they joined the fire service to fight fires but, they actually spend almost every hour of their twelve hour tour of duty assisting the sick, and the ill ( along with the districts EMS units).  Almost no one recognizes this aspect of the healthcare issue, and I’m glad someone reported on this………..

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