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Miller To Maddow On Gay Marriage: ‘I Want To Be Straight With You’…..



Joe Miller has been known for giving the press the runaround and, in his interview today with Rachel Maddow, he took that rather literally. The approximately five-minute interview took place as Miller was walking from a roof, down to his car, with Maddow peppering him with questions about same sex marriage as they walked.

Maddow asked him if he’d support a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. “That’s up to the people,” Miller said. “If you get a three quarters vote ratifying — I’d vote for it.”


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New Jersey defeats Gay – Marriage Bill……

New Jersey joins several other states in turning down a Gay Marraige Bill…..while the concept of allowing one to marry whomever they want, irregardless of their gender, makes a bit of common sense….the issue is politically toxic…and seems to be falling out of favor in the political world, often resulting in both republicans and democrats voting against the policy in state legislative votes…..

Five states — Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont — allow gay marriage. New Jersey offers civil unions that grant the legal rights of marriage to gay couples.

In New Jersey as in other states…the vote was not even close……..

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SE on Gay marriage……..

Here’s his post from his site……….


A Basic Argument in Favor of Gay Marriage

Here’s my take on Gay Marriage, it really doesn’t affect you if two men or two women get married. I believe that you should marry the one you love, period. And God made you in his image for a reason. Why would he make you gay just to damn you to hell? The Government should stay out of marriage. These votes to ban gay marriage are borderline treasonous IMO. It tramples on our right to love whoever we want. Just my opinion, and I’d like to hear yours.

His link ……..

From the Dog…..while I can accept SE’s view…it isn’t that simple out there…Gay marriage initiatives have been going backwards in the state…..I posted here on that……this country right now is not ready to embrace the concept……

But I agree…who you are with is your business….. as long as it doesn’t hurt my business………

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Another state will not approve a gay-marraige bill…..New Jersey…

Add New Jersey…..which has put off a vote due the likely defeat of the messsure……

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Is Gay-Marraige Dead?…..

While several states have gotten rid of the policy….propionates of the policy hope that pushing a sense of ‘inevitability’ will ultimately win the day….but it doesn’t seem to be playing out that way……

It has even been suggested that the issue could be looked at in terms of, old vs young, since younger people tend to poll much more favorable to the change then older people….

That could mean a long wait…..and what if the younger people change their minds, as they get older?

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New York State Senate votes down Gay Marriage……

The New York State Senate has defeated a bill to approve Gay Marriage in the state by 38 to 24…..Governor Paterson has pushed for the bill to be considered….The democrats are in a majority in the body….not a single republican voted for the bill…and few of the  democrats, also voted against the bill aslo….The governor went into the chamber in Albany to ask for votes for the bill , but that did not work….

New York State joins 31 other states in turning gay marriage down……last year Maine and California repealed approval of state gay marriage policies in place……

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Dede Scozzafava endorses Bill Owens..the Democrat in the NY-23 race turning on the GOP!!!

Oh, man this is unbelievable!!!!……..DeDe Scozzafava had the conservative’s throw her under the bus from all over the country…..because she was a moderate republican who believes in gay marriage and abortion…..after suffering withering attacks from national conservative republicans she watched her poll numbers drop into the basement…..Unable to raise money she quit on Saturday three days before the election for the US House seat in the NY State 23d House District….

Well, 24 minutes ago The New York Times did a piece that notes that Scozzafava has subsequently endorsed her Democratic opponent Bill Owens for the 23 District House seat…a stunning reversal!.…..

The GOP has served notice on moderate republicans…..you are not welcome…

The Democrats could use another ‘Blue Dog”…….

Oh, yea she was polling with 11% of democratic support….

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