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General McChrystal needs more time for the Afghanistan war campaign…

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, left, meets with U.S. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commander of the NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, at NATO headquarter in Brussels, Thursday, June 10, 2010. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, Pool)

[ The General with Defense Secretary Gates ]

Afghanistan is NOT Iraq…..

Iraq is turning out to be picnic compared to Afghanistan which is going back to stone age…

There is very little infrastructure as we know it in the industrialized world..


We are fighting a well in trenched enemy that has more war experience that our troops and army…

Remember, we help them fight the Russians…….Right?

General McChrystal is going slow because the initial progress in some area’s have been erased by an enemy that

disappears in the day…

Only to come back a reclaim it territory at night…..

The American and NATO armies are a bit tired after fighting for more than 5 years….

But they have grown smarter and more ruthless in seeking out their enemy’s and prosecuting the war …..

Against the known enemy…..

The general is ok now….

‘But as the US presidential election comes knocking he will have to show results….

I said almost a year ago….

Obama has given him almost everything he’s wanted…

Joint Chief Mullen and Secretary Gates have left him to run this thing on his own…

A former Special Operator Boss…..

McChrystal knows the score…..

While the Oil Spill and other stuff keep him off the front pages……..

He must show results for Obama to keep the left from eating him alive come November next year……


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The military readjusts the command structure in Afghanistan…..


[ International troops gather at Camp Bastion, proposed base of a new regional command, before the Marjah offensive began in mid-February, in a photo provided by the British military. ]

As the United States, NATO and Afghan troops begin to push harder into the the heart of the Taliban’s strong holds in Aftghanistan…General Stanley McChrsystal has also begun to change his command structure their……Moving to shore up control over the increased operations and to have the Afghan’s buy into things….McChystal is stepping up contact with the Afghan government and concentrating on putting the ‘surge’ troops into the fight to retake the country without the operation just being driven just by the Americans…..

The Dog is pleasantly surprised with McChsytal’s strategy of constantly changing his game plan, like his enemy, and not falling into the traditional ‘we’ll do this alone…then call ya’ strategy……

Here’s the piece from the Wall Street Journal piece.……

The U.S. and its allies are working to create a new American-led military command in southern Afghanistan, setting the stage for a large-scale offensive into the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar.

Senior military officials say the new command will manage all military operations in Helmand province, including the continuing campaign in Marjah. The plan would allow the existing British-led command in southern Afghanistan to focus on the Kandahar campaign.

Many of the 30,000 U.S. reinforcements being deployed to Afghanistan will take part in the assault on Kandahar, the most populous city in southern Afghanistan and the Taliban’s spiritual birthplace.

U.S. and British commanders plan to deploy the additional troops to build a security cordon around the city to make it harder for Taliban fighters to intimidate local residents or assassinate Afghan government officials and security personnel there.

As with Marjah, senior U.S. personnel are publicly telegraphing the Kandahar campaign, which will likely start this summer. A senior White House official said last week that the Marjah campaign—the coalition’s largest offensive since 2001—was a “tactical prelude” to a substantially bigger assault on Kandahar.

“Bringing security, comprehensive population security, to Kandahar city is really the centerpiece of operations this year,” the official said.

All military operations in both Helmand and neighboring Kandahar province are currently managed by Regional Command South, which has its headquarters at the sprawling Kandahar Air Field and is currently led by a British general. Under the new plan that organization will be renamed Regional Command Southeast and directed to focus exclusively on the upcoming Kandahar campaign.

At the same time, the U.S. will build a new command, Regional Command Southwest, at Camp Bastion, a rapidly expanding American base near Lashkar Gah, Helmand’s capital. The command will be headed by a two-star Marine general, who hasn’t yet been tapped for the post.

“This is the answer to how we’ll array our troops and reorient the commands to meet the mission on the ground,” said a senior military official familiar with the plan. “It’s basically a done deal.”

The new command would work closely with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who senior U.S. officials are trying to turn into more of a wartime leader. Mr. Karzai was briefed repeatedly on the plans for the Marjah offensive and asked to give it his formal approval, in part so the Afghan government would feel ownership of the campaign there. Mr. Karzai is likely to have a similar role in the run-up to the Kandahar campaign.

The idea for the changes in the command structure originated with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top Western military officer in Afghanistan.

Note:…..This must be burning the ass of old style Army General’s…… that a Special Ops guy is running the show……and doing a darn good job so far….

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Another process piece…..McChrystal vs the Civilians in the administration….The General plans to win…. not hold in place……

In a very important piece in the Washington Post (that will no doubt generate more pieces in the Times and Cable Networks)…..Rajiv Chandrasekaran takes up the maneuvering between the military and the administration’s political planners who view Obama’s tasking orders early this month for the military as strictly a ‘surge’ then a phased withdrawal going into the 2012 elections….and the military (Sec Gates included) as a call to engage an enemy and try to ‘win’ the campaign in Afghanistan with a moderate makeover like the military has done in Iraq……

While the sell by the President ( Commmader-in Chief ) was for a “surge’…President Obama, and Secretary Gates, both, have already backed away from their initial pledge to have the troops heading home en mass in 2011……

I know from a strictly logistical point of view the U.S. military will take a much longer period to get 30,000 to 40,000 troops in country then was advertised when President Obama called for the move….

In another sense the media is going to paint this as McChrystal as not following his bosses orders…that would be a mistake…Presidents give orders…General follow them…Sergeants get it done….

The same applies here…and it’s gonna take more time then the political people the White House think….

That’s the way it goes…..

General McChrystal has been a ‘snake eater’ for a long time….

Secretary of Defense Gates has been around for long time also…….

If these two get it right…The President will be assured a second term and another Nobel Peace Prize………

And a place in American history not just by his color…….

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The figure will be 34,000 new troops for Afghanistan…..details are leaking out….

The total amount of troops ‘in country’ will reach 100,000……President Obama will have authorized more than half of the men and women sent there…this is his war now….

As I have said before here…..General Stanley McChrystal has got just about everything he asked for……and a good part of the Presidents political future is now in his hands….

The deployments start in January…although there are reports that Marine units are already on the move to the country…..

Secretary of State Clinton will go to Brussels on Thursday to press NATO for more troops for the war campaign in the country…..

The speech is tomorrow night at 8:00 PM coming from Army Military Academy at West Point, New York……

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The President may make troop announcement on December 1st…could include up to 34,000 over a 9 month period…..

The media is now carrying the story, that after the presidents meeting with his National Security team last night, there could be a final roll out of his troop request for Afghanistan, on around December 1st.….The number mentioned is between 20,000 to a more likely figure of 34,000 troops…..included in the figure is two Army battalions and a Marine Battalion…..it is unknown if the larger figure includes 3,000 to 5,000 NATO troops from the Europeans….in deference to the US Ambassador to Afghanistan and the State Department there will be an exit plan include in the roll out.

I said about two weeks ago and I’ll mention it again…..The Commander-in-Chief essentially gave General McChrystal what he wanted….There is a huge political gamble that he will succeed for the next two years in gaining a foothold on the region. The General has to happy the Pakistani’s have had a successful military campaign in the last few weeks in their country…..But the major problem will be still be Afghanistan where american and NATO troop sustain casualties every week….

The election, the economy, the war…the president rolls along……309 days ……

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General Stanley A. McChrystal …..the head of U.S. Forces Afghanistan….

Here’s some information on the military leader of U.S. and NATO Forces in Afghanistan……..

Note: His previous post before this one was the head of the Joint Special Operations Command from 2003 to 2008……

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Could the Commander-in Chief be sending 40,000 troops to Afghanistan?

Back on Saturday, I did a post on Obama giving his authorization for more troops to General McChrystal for Afghanistan?……Well, I said lets wait for the leaks…he, he, he….It hasn’t taken long……here’s the first…..40,000 troops?………Everyone is gonna have to wait the week……Obama’s getting out of D.C and going to Asia!

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Wall Street Journal presents a leaked outline of the war request by Gen McChrystal…….

The Wall Street Journal has printed a pretty detailed piece today describing the basic points of General McChrystal request and recommendations to the Commander in Chief…….

Among the most interesting information is the fact that there is a request for three different levels of troops…….

A) 40,000

B) 60,000

C) None

McChrystal is reported to want to go with choice A, 40,000 troops……but there is a BIG BUT here….according to a review of the General’s plans ……the Army, and Marines would have significant problems in getting that many troops in-country, as soon as the General has reported they are needed for a ‘surge’……..In, addition, McChrytal’s aim would be to deny  al Qaeda, and the Taliban access to Afghanistan…..the White House may be content with just keeping al Qaeda out of the country, and finding a middle ground with the Taliban……

While McCrystal is a warrior, concerned with his troops, and objective…the CIC has to deal with the political component of the campaign…And since he has publicly said he won’t leave, and he won’t cut the number of troops …he really doesn’t have many options left………McCrystal is emphatic that the current troop level will not hold ground…Units are being overrun in the boonies, and are being cut back …….

Also…while Obama is holding his sessions …Hillary  Clinton, the Secretary of State, is holding hers…Seeking to identify the role for the State Department and civilians…Unlike during the Condi Rice period, in which State Department actions in Iraq consisted of sending staff home, leaving Sec of Defense Gates to fill those spots in with badly needed military assets……..

In the end the Army and the Marines would be able to move between 11,000 to 15,000 troops in country by the end of the year and another 20,000 by next July….…Finally, the movement of troops into the country is accompanied by a serious deficiency in helicopters, and contrary to this piece, a problem with Iraq ‘dialed in’ vehicles that are useless in Afghanistan’s terrible roads…….

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The Washington Post changes sides…..show cases the fact that McChrystal has backing from the troops……

The Washington Post has for the past week been a vessel carrying administration handlers leaks and whispers crossing Afghanistan Commanding Officer, General Stanley McChrystal’s campaign to get more troops for his theatre of action…they have published articles and opinions to the effect that the general should be a good solider and send in his request, and then go sit in the corner and wait until he’s called…..

That hasn’t worked this time…. ever mindful of the fact that Gen. Eric Shinseki told his bosses what to do up front, and got dissed, and then caned for it…McChrystal has not backed way from expressing his views on what he needs to do the job……he has not challenged the CIC in anyway…he has just given……what his boss asked for…..a plan…

I had to chuckle that the Washington Post would carry this story, about the supprt the general was shown at a convention in Washington DC this week,  given the fact that they have been giving McChrystal nothing but grief  for the past week……

Mindful of

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The German military has is own Aftganistan headache………

Yep….it appears that last weeks air strike in Aftganistan that killed about 100 civilians was ordered by a German army unit.   Most Americans don’t know it…but Germany has about 4,200 soldiers in the war torn country. They have been assigned to relatively quiet area’s …but the war IS everywhere.

This unit called in the strike on a few Taliban fuel trucks, but the collateral damage spread to civilians in the area……something the Taliban knows, and uses, and something US Gen. McChsyrstal has warned Allied commanders to be alert to……the results of the strike has caused a bit of heartburn back in Germany, for the military, and the politicans…….. and adds to impression in country,  that United States and its allies are no better than the Taliban……..

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