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GOP holds wide lead among likely voters in latest Gallup poll……

While the media has turned to the Democrats coming back….This Gallup poll says…’Maybe’…..

Republicans have a significant lead over Democrats among likely voters in Gallup’s generic ballot poll released Monday.

The figures show a much greater lead for Republicans among likely voters than registered voters, and suggest the party is poised to make large gains in the midterm elections.

Gallup’s first generic ballot estimate of likely voters showed Republicans leading Democrats 53-40 percent in a high turnout scenario and 56-38 percent in a low turnout scenario.


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Daniel……Gallup Poll: Republicans opening up 4-Point on Generic Congressional Ballot…..

Hello Dog Folks!

Things are looking ominous if one of the leading National Pollsters in the Nation shows you behind on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

According to a new Gallup Survey Republicans lead Democrats on the Generic Ballot 48-44.


Daniel G.

The Dog doesn’t put much stock in ‘Generic Congressional ‘ polling since all House and senate races…especially the House races are really local races…While the media tend to try to link those races to national issues…they really are not about that……

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