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The Feds are trying make mortagage closings more human……

You ever buy a house?

The closing is just one endless sign this…sign that…sign this…..write out a check for that……

Good Faith Estimates have been around for decades, but there was no standard format. Under the new rules, lenders and mortgage brokers will be required to give consumers the estimate forms within three days of receiving a loan application.

Lenders aren’t allowed to increase the origination fee from the estimate. Some other charges not included in the origination fee, such as title services and recording charges, can increase by as much as a combined 10% from the estimate. Estimates for other charges, such as homeowner’s insurance and other services provided by third parties selected by the borrower, aren’t subject to such limits.

Title insurance typically is the largest fee, and the new forms let consumers know they don’t have to accept the insurer suggested by the lender.  Title insurance can be “vastly overpriced” and consumers should take the time to shop for it.

Take it from me…You still are going come out from your lawyer’s office, or the bank happy after buying your dream house…..but, still thinking,What???

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