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Daniel…..Alabama Governor Primaries: Davis leads Sparks; Byrne & Moore in a Dead Heat for Republicans according to a new Public Policy Polling Survey…….

Hello Dog!

This will certainly make our friend Conservative Democrat very happy.

We’ve the first Poll out for the Alabama Governor Primaries from a BIG Pollster to replace Term-Limited Governor Bob Riley (R-AL). According to the Public Policy Polling (PPP) Survey U. S. Rep. Arthur Davis (D-AL) leads Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks (D-AL) by 10 Points in the Democratic Primary. The Republican Primary however is a Dead Heat between former State Senator Bradley Byrne (R-AL) and former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore (R-AL)

Public Policy Polling Survey

Alabama Governor 2010

Democratic Primary

United States Representative Rep. Arthur G. Davis  38 %
Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks  28 %
Inventor & Ex-Teacher Sam Franklin Thomas  9 %
Undecided  25 %

Major Candidates Websites:


Republican Primary

former State Senator Bradley Byrne  27 %
former AL Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore  23 %
State Treasurer Kay Ivey  10 %
State Representative Robert Bentley  10 %
Real Estate Developer Tim James  9 %
Bill Johnson  1 %
James Potts  0 %
Charles Taylor  0 %
Undecided  20 %

Major Candidates Websites:


Note to Readers especially CD: General Election Numbers for Alabama will likely be released either tomorrow or on Thursday.

Full Results of the Alabama Primary Poll can be found here:



I’m assuming at least Davis will be behind in the General Election Poll. Anything else would be a REAL SHOCKER.

Daniel G.

Update from CD…..

Alabama State Treasurer Kay Ivey (R) dropping out of the governor’s race and instead seeking to challenge incumbent Lieutenant Governor Jim Folsom, Jr., (D) ?


Second Update from CD.….This one is from PPP POlling which concludes that the GOP candidate is favored in Alabama….REALLY?

I like the lone comment to the post from PPP….WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!…a black candidate in Alabama running for Governor?

Of course…. the guy is gonna have a hard time!

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Merlin on the new PPP California Governor and Senate Races…….

Hi Dog!

A new Poll from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) finds the General Election Races for Governor & Senate closer than the Field Poll from last week. As time goes on this could get interesting in the Golden State.

PPIC Survey

California Governor 2010

Republican Primary

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman  41 %
State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner  11 %
Others  4 %
Undecided  44 %

General Election

Attorney General Jerry Brown (D)  41 %
Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman (R)  36 %
Undecided  23 %

Attorney General Jerry Brown (D)  44 %
State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner (R)  29 %
Undecided  27 %

California Senate 2010

Republican Primary

Former Rep. Tom Campbell  27 %
Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina  16 %
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore  8 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  44 %

Note: Campbell’s Entry has really transformed this Primary Race. This is the second Poll showing Campbell ahead of Fiorina. She now isn’t the odds on Favourite to win the Primary anymore.

General Election

Incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (D)  45 %
Former Rep. Tom Campbell (R)  41 %
Undecided  14 %

Incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (D)  48 %
Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina (R)  40 %
Undecided  12 %

Incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (D)  47 %
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R)  39 %
Undecided  14 %

Full Results can be found here:


Merlin’s Thoughts:

It’s definitely interesting in the Golden State. Who have thought Republicans would be competitive in California a year ago. All of the sudden Brown & Boxer find themselves in close Races. They both need to work for it this time otherwise they’ll lose.


He, he, he….The Dog isn’t surprised…..After all they do have a Republican governor….Don’t they?

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Corzine gains in New Jersey……..

I have been saying over at Politics 1 for the last month that Corzine would be running a negative campaign, and that I believed that he would eventually get reelected (by a tiny margin)……well I believe that, that is going to happen ….With a little more than a month left to go……Chris Christie has seen his lead, all but evaporate into thin air……….

Poll Gives Christie Small Lead

A new Democracy Corps (D) poll in New Jersey finds Chris Christie holding a three-point lead on Gov. Jon Corzine, 41% to 38%, with independent Chris Daggett receiving 10% of the vote.

Key finding: “Corzine’s standing has improved over the past month, with his favorable rating ticking up from 32 percent to 36 percent. Christie’s favorability rating remains at 1:1, 33 percent favorable and 33 percent unfavorable.”

Update: A new Rasmussen Reports survey gives Christie an eight point lead, 46% to 38%.

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