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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews starting at Romney’s ‘unscripted moments’….

I got a chance to look in on Chris Matthews  (With Dana Milbank )’Hard Ball’ tonight and guess what I saw?

Mitt Romney…..

Lots of Mitt Romney…..

Portrait of Mitt Romney

Trying to be ‘one of the guys’ during unscripted encounters with Joe and Jane regular citizens….

It wasn’t pretty….

Mitt Romney’s dad was George Romney the Governor of Michigan

Mitt Romney overlooks theChrysler exhibit at the 1964 New York World’s Fair with his father,Michigan governor George Romney

Mitt attended public schools up to 7th Grade , then was moved to private schools…

After a stint in  France as his family ‘s Mormon tradition dictated he went off to Brigham Young University and then off to Harvard for a combined Law and Business graduate degree…

The man is certainly smart….

After all this schooling he went of to business…doing consulting and then running businesses…

I give you this abbreviated history to point out one thing…

Mitt Romney is no ordinary around the block guy….


Yes regular Joe….


So here I am watching Chris Matthews who is laughing …

As he goes on a little journey…

He parades before us several clips of Romney trying to be a regular ‘unscripted’ guy…

Matthews people show him making bad jokes, bad moves, covering his butt after realizing that he’s said things he shouldn’t and being stiff in public encounters….

After watching this me and another guy watching the tube exchanged glances…..

We both got up and left the room….

Matthews was still smirking after dragging the current GOP front runner for President in 2012 thru the mud….


Here’s the link on this….

Note …..Matthews does admitt on camera that he WAS being unfair……                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         From Politicaldog101…..

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