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Christmas came early to a Manhattan Hardhat worker who fell 8 stories and only broke a few ribs!

This is Jose Paulino’s quote……

“I was hurting and in pain, but I knew I was still alive, and right then I knew I would see my wife and kids again,”

Someone was looking over you brother…..

Because Paulino, 26,  while working on the 16th floor,  stepped on a wooden plank , and had it break on him, sending him down EIGHT STORIES, to land on scaffolding on the eighth floor…..

His fall was broken because he hit several metal support beams on his way down slowing his descent…….hHealso landed on his chest, not his head, he broke four ribs and injured his neck, shoulder and leg…..But will be able to leave  St. Vincent’s Hospital by Monday….

Merry Christmas…..indeed…….

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