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From Merlin……First Gillibrand vs Ford direct poll is out…..

Hi Dog again!

This might be interesting for you Dog. Despite the real Threat from Fmr. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D) Junior Senator from New York State beats him by 19 Points. Gillibrand leads the General Election by 3 against Pataki; Ford Jr. loses in the General.

Marist Poll

New York Senate Special Election

Democratic Primary

Inc. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand  43 %
Fmr. Rep. Harold Ford Jr.  24 %
Undecided  33 %

General Election

Ind. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D)  45 %
Fmr. Governor George Pataki (R)  42 %
Undecided  13 %

Fmr. Governor George Pataki (R)  42 %
Fmr. Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D)  36 %
Undecided  22 %

Job Approval Kirsten Gillibrand (D)

Only 24 % give Gillibrand a good Approval

Full Results can be found at http://maristpoll.marist.edu/


I’ll hope we’ll get some Governor Poll also very soon. (so do we )


Ok…while the poll is out…..we have few things to add to Merlins comments………

First this from the poll story….

……43% of registered Democratic voters in New York State say they would back Gillibrand in this fall’s Democratic primary while 24% would cast their ballot for Ford.  Although Gillibrand has a double-digit lead over Ford, a notable proportion — 33% — are unsure about whom they’d support……

Woa!…did you see the undecideds???

and then there is this……

Nearly two-thirds of Democrats in New York State say a candidate who is more conservative than most Democrats in the state can still get their vote.  This includes 42% who report it makes no difference to them if a candidate is more conservative and 23% who say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who is more conservative than most Democrats in the state.  35%, though, would be less likely to vote for such a candidate.

and this……

48% of Democratic voters statewide view Kirsten Gillibrand favorably while 20% have an unfavorable impression of her.  32% have either never heard of the senator or are unsure how to rate her.

Her potential opponent for the Democratic nomination has a lot of work to do if he wants to become a household name in the state.  When it comes to Democrats’ impressions of Ford, a whopping 52% have either never heard of him or are unsure how to rate him.  34%, though, have a positive view of Ford while 14% have an unfavorable impression of him.

While Gillibrand beats Ford even in the city and downstate now…we have to remember that Ford has not campaign one single bit…..hasn’t introduced himself to the voters and still is only 19% behind Gillibrand….this is good for the senator…but could be trouble also…with the left, liberals and some party people throwing everything at Ford not to run…a strong anti-establishment themed run could hurt Gillibrand…..

Good numbers off the bat…but there could be serious trouble up ahead……

I see PoliticalWire has mentioned something about an Indie run for Ford…..such a run would surely fail in the state…..

The Dog

Update:…..more on the numbers from the Observer’s PoliticerNY…..link.

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More on the Harold Ford vs Kirsten Gillibrand thing….

Glen Thrush of Politico has picked up the story on the Harold Ford vs Kirsten Gillibrand poll sampling….And that’s all it is now folks….

But Thrush and several of the people who comment on the story on his post correctly point out the Ford ran in Tennessee as a conservative democrat(well, he was running as a black democrat in the South)…and that may not go too well in New York…..

But I will also point out that New York State has had a republican Governor for 12 years until Spitzer, and Paterson showed up….aAlsoNew York City has had a republican Mayor for the last 20 years…….

Stay tuned for more…….

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