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Oh, Snap!…..someone just reminded me…there are a few Healthcare Companies headquartered in Connecticut…..

I know they are there …..Can anybody give us some names and locations in the state?

Could this be behind Lieberman’s try trying to gut the Senate Bill?

Here’s the latest on the wrangling over the bill with Senate Majority Leader Reid and Senators Lieberman (I-Conn) and Nelson (D-Neb)…..

Update:….by way of mydd.com….it seems there is a campaign beginning to target Joe Lieberman’s wife…..who is associated with the healthcare giants Pfizer and ALCO…..

Lieberman’s ties

by Jerome Armstrong, Mon Dec 14, 2009 at 06:05:24 PM EST

Looks like a swift well-timed call to action:

Activists are setting their sights on Hadassah Lieberman, launching a celebrity-studded petition drive to convince the nation’s largest breast cancer non-profit to end the Connecticut senator’s wife role as a spokeswoman.

The move to pressure the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation came the same day Lieberman’s husband angered Democrats by announcing that he would not support an expansion of Medicare to cover individuals under the age of 55. Organizers did not point to that decision, instead citing Hadassah Lieberman’s own ties to the health care industry.

Lieberman has worked as a consultant for companies including Pfizer and ALCO.

“We are asking Ellen DeGeneres, Christie Brinkley and other high-profile celebrities who are associated with Komen to demand that no more money raised for cancer treatment be given to Hadassah Lieberman or any other ex-Pharma/Insurance strategists,” said Jane Hamsher, founder of the Firedoglake blog.

Yglesias is calling it a “murder/suicide” pact that Senators like Lieberman, Lincoln, and Nelson have out for killing any sort of Public Option in healthcare reform, while a “new national poll finds that fully one third of Democratic voters say that they’re `less likely’ to vote in 2010 if Congress doesn’t pass a public option.”

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