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The Salahis plead the Fifth before Congress…….

While they got dumped on by Congressmen from the House Committee on Homeland Security….the couple kept their mouths shut, under advice from their lawyers, who are sitting tight, while a Federal Grand Jury consisders weather to indite them for laying to Secret Service Uniform  Police Officers, who spoke to them on the night of the Indian State Dinner, and asked if they were invited to the event…..

This from the piece……

They also declined a chance to talk to the committee in a behind-closed-doors executive session. Which the committee’s ranking minority member, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said was just as well: “They’re not going to have state secrets.” King has agitated for White House officials like Social Secretary Desiree Rogersto testify about the security lapses; the White House has declined. Without them, the committee was just “going through the motions,” King complained.

“Did you have a good time in Las Vegas?” asked Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev), citing their celebrity “hosting” appearance at Pure nightclubSaturday. “Did you notice people had to stand in line and pay a fee — and they don’t allow party crashers?”

On the way out of the Cannon House Office Building, attorney Best held a brief press conference. He called the hearing a “charade” and “public flogging.” He said Congress would find the real answers by subpoenaing Rogers and Michele S. Jones, a Pentagon official whom the Salahis had e-mailed before the state dinner in their quest for an invitation.

“The Salahis are innocent and have committed no criminal act,” he said. “They believed in their hearts they were invited to the White House. This was not a stunt.”

Nor was it a joke either…….

We’ll see what the outcome will be……

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People hear with their skin?

It appears that humans also hear with their eyes and skin…..

In a piece in the Observatory section of the New York Times, Henry Fountain writes that humans actually have the ability to use everything they have at their disposal to hear….and this maybe an innate sense….

……from the study done by  Bryan Gick and Donald Derrick of the University of British Columbia…..

…..the finding(s) also suggested there might be other sensory cues at work in speech perception — that, as he put it, “we are these fantastic perception machines that take in all the information available to us and integrate it seamlessly.”



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