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Teens Say High School Doesn’t Prepare Them For College, Jobs….

From Jezebel….

A large amount of public schools are married to test score’s and set in stone standard’s….

School’s need to do less advance math…..

And more basic Home economics stuff…

Basic’s of computers, balancing a checkbook, basic first aid…..

And yes…..

Sex education…..

And above all…

Good study habits….

Guidance couslers need to reach out to students that need help in moving on to college…

But one of the problems with this survey and young High School students is this….

Once you leave the halls of your High School….

Dilley High School held its annual College Day event on October 20, 2009.


You’re on your own…

And that’s not something a High School is supposed to do….

Anna North — Kids today aren’t especially satisfied with their high schools, especially when it comes to preparing them for the real world. They’re more enthusiastic about college — but a lot of them need help getting there.

According to an AP-Viacom poll, just 40% of high school students are very satisfied with their schools, while a fifth are unsatisfied. College students are a lot happier — 6 in 10 say they’re “very” or “extremely” satisfied with their institution. But high schools aren’t necessarily helping kids reach this point — while 56% say their high school prepare them well for more school, many still had complaints. Writes the AP’s Connie Cass, “a majority say their school wasn’t good at helping them choose a field of study, aiding them in finding the right college or vocational school or assisting them in coming up with ways to pay for more schooling.” And many students felt high school didn’t prepare them for the workforce, either: they said their schools failed at “exposing them to the latest technology in their field and helping them get work experience.”


From Politicaldog101….

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