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ScottP…….Midterm Elections and The GOP…….Hispanic Voters in Az and Co….

I do think that during the midterms the GOP is going to do better than they have recently in western states like AZ and CO.

So they will think that their decision to double down on the aging white demographic is working.

But that will be due primarily to angry white voters being the disproportionate % of those who turn out in midterms.

In 2012 they will be hard pressed to win those states and others with similar demographics in a Presidential year.


From Politicalwire:

“In Colorado and Arizona, Public Policy Polling sees Hispanic voters swinging dramatically towards Democrats in the wake of Arizona’s new immigration law.

“Hispanics in the Mountain West are leaning much more strongly toward the Democrats since the Arizona law was passed. The big question then becomes whether there are white voters who are going to go Republican this fall who wouldn’t have if that bill hadn’t been passed. We don’t see any evidence of that happening yet.”

Ben Smith: “This has always been Democrats’ belief about immigration politics: That among the voters for whom this is a single, motivating issue, whites may get more attention, but Hispanics are more numerous.”


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