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Jay-Z…..The man the Company…The Brand….The Ups and some downs……

FIRST COUPLE: Jay-Z, with wife Beyonce, has extended his brand far from his music and apparel base.

[ Jay-Z……Shawn Carter and his wife Beyonce……. ]

Shawn Carter……Jay-Z to most of us…..The 40 year old, Businessman and Yes, Rappper…The Husband of Mega Female Star Beyonce……is a very RICH MAN…

He has moved from a street hustler of drugs and his music ….to a Multi-Millionaire….

He has had a lot success in his music, clothing lines, music production, real estate. night club

He has not done so good in a Broadway play investment, Two Real Estate investment projects and a part of a upcoming basketball team……

All together……..Not bad for a guy from the projects in Bed-Sty, Brooklyn…..

While his music and apparel businesses appear to be humming along, ringing up mega-profits, Brooklyn’s Jay-Z — not just a businessman but a business, man — has suffered a few financial bumps of late.

For example:

* Two Manhattan hotel development projects, one in Chelsea and the other in the Meatpacking District, fizzled out this year, costing Jay-Z and a company he controls about $50 million.

* His almost 7-year-old 40/40 Club franchise, while still successful overall, has taken a few lumps as the 80,000-square-foot Las Vegas edition, with its 80-plus plasma TVs, was closed in late 2008 after just eight months in business — a victim of low attendance. Plus, a Chicago club, first expected to debut in 2009, is still not open.

JAY-Z, born Shawn Carter, co-founded the uber-successful Rocawear business in 1999 and, through his hands-on management style, grew it into a $700 million juggernaut. After he bought out partner Damon Dash’s 25 percent stake in the company for $30 million in 2005, he sold it for $204 million in 2007 to publicly traded Iconix Brands. JAY-Z remains the CEO of the brand and is in line to pocket an additional $35 million in stock if sales hit certain plateaus.

Sources say the brand is a top seller this spring, thanks to Jay-Z’s decision two years ago to minimize the logos on the clothes and streamline the baggy pants that once defined hip-hop fashion — but that are now passé.

He knew that would be a trend before everyone else did,” Iconix chief executive Neil Cole tells The Post.

“Jay-Z has earned street cred and business cred,” says Tim Bess, men’s and children’s fashion analyst at Doneger Group. “He’s one of the very few involved in hip-hop able to cross that line.”

IN 2009, Jay-Z, who has more No. 1 albums than any artist except the Beatles and Elvis and has sold about 26.3 million CDs over his career, inked a $150 million deal with Live Nation — and then put together one of the most successful tours of the 2009-10 season. The tour came on the heels of his earning $35 million in 2008-09 and $82 million the previous year, according to Forbes.

Just last week, Jay-Z, showing his masterful marketer touch, sent fans into a frenzy by announcing he and fellow rapper Eminem will perform the first concert in the new Yankee Stadium — after joining together for a concert in Comerica Park in Detroit, Eminem’s adopted hometown.

Jay-Z can market just about everything but a breakfast cereal because he’s got huge talent and a savvy business manager, John Meneilly, a former Provident Financial executive.

Some smaller investments in Jay-Z’s portfolio have also come up winners. In 2005, in his first investment alongside Will Smith and his wife, Jay-Z bought a piece of a small cosmetics company, called Carol’s Daughter. He has helped the privately held company grow sales to about $35 million, an eight-fold increase, co-CEO Steve Stoute told The Post.

Stoute said Jay-Z and the ownership team are looking at other beauty acquisitions.

The rap star is also sitting pretty with his investment in the Greenwich Village building that houses the popular eatery, The Spotted Pig. He’s an investor in the restaurant, too, and has often been seen there with his wife Beyonce……..


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