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Daniel…..llinois Governor: RAS confirms PPP, Brady up 7 Points over Quinn……

Hello Dog and good afternoon!

We’ve now Polling Confirmation that State Senator Bill Brady (R-IL) is leading the Illinois Governor Race. The new Rasmussen Survey shows Brady leading Incumbent Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D-IL) by 7 Points.

Rasmussen Survey

Illinois Governor 2010

General Election

[ Gov Quinn and  State Sen. Brady ]
State Senator Bill Brady (R)  45 %
Incumbent Governor Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D)  38 %
Others  7 %
Undecided  10 %

Major Candidates Campaign Websites:


Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  58 %
Disapprove  41 %

Governor Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D)

Approve  43 %
Disapprove  56 %


So the second Poll confirms Quinn is in deep dudu. EVEN “The Dog” can’t dispute that.

Daniel G.

He, he, he..Yea I could….but you’re right……..
But I’ll say it again…Quinn has a few lives left..If he can somehow get the tax thing off  the voters minds..he’ll be back on top……

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Does Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn want to lose?……..

Just when you though it couldn’t get any crazier in Illinois…The Dog comes across this story and wonders?

Has Governor Pat Quinn lost his mind?

Proposing a tax INCREASE  8 months before his re-election?


He asked  for a bigger tax increase that he’s asking for a while back and the legislator’s of the state didn’t entertain it…..

They probably won’t this time either……

Running on a tax increase isn’t in the political playbook….

Here’s the piece…

“This is urgent,” Mr. Quinn, a Democrat, told lawmakers in Springfield, as he laid out an austere budget proposal for next year that includes spending cuts, leaving some bills unpaid and borrowing more money.

“We don’t have six months. We don’t have six weeks.”

But Mr. Quinn’s proposal to raise the state’s personal income tax to 4 percent from 3 percent — a move he portrayed as a “surcharge for education” — comes at a particularly risky political moment, one that numerous governors find themselves facing in a fiscally grim year: he is seeking election in November. And tax increases rarely make for popular campaign material.

Nationwide, experts say, states closed $117 billion in budget gaps in the last fiscal year, and have resolved — or are working to resolve — $174 billion more in gaps this fiscal year.

And if there are hints of economic improvement on other fronts, there are signs of the opposite in the states, which traditionally continue to struggle even after recovery is seen in other segments of the economy, and which are anticipating an end to federal stimulus dollars.

“A lot of the easy decisions were already made,” said Todd Haggerty, an analyst with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

“The more painful ones are all that’s left.” All of which has left governors in the unhappy position of deciding whether to even broach increases in taxes, fees and other charges in an election year.

Mr. Quinn described his wishes to lawmakers at midday, and within the hour found himself facing skepticism.

He presented the notion of an increase as an unadorned choice: that or devastating cuts to the state’s education system. Some lawmakers from his own party, which controls both chambers of the legislature, seemed positive but noncommittal at the prospect of a tax increase.

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Daniel…..Illinois Governor: First Poll after Brady declared Winner by the State Board shows him with a 10 Point lead….

Hello Dog!

We’ve the first Poll out for the Illinois Governor Race since State Senator Bill Brady (R-IL) was declared the Winner of the Republican Primary by the Illinois State Board of Elections last Friday. The Poll shows Brady with a 10-Point lead.

Rasmussen Survey

Illinois Governor 2010

General Election

[ Brady and Quinn ]

State Senator Bill Brady (R)  47 %
Incumbent Governor Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D)  37 %
Others  6 %
Undecided  9 %


Job Approval

Governor Patrick Quinn (D)

Approve  43 %
Disapprove  57 %


Don’t freak out over this Poll. Caution: Brady has, just like everyone else would, received a modest bounce after declared Winner by the State Board.

Here: Brady’s numbers likely reflect at least a modest bounce from the news of his victory. Given Illinois’ strong Democratic leanings, the race is sure to tighten in the days ahead.

Poll Alert: Rasmussen released new Numbers on the Giannoulias – Kirk Race tomorrow.

Daniel G.

Ok Daniel ……we’ll be calm…….

Besides Quinn seems to have 9 lives……

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From Daniel G….Illinois Governor: BREAKING NEWS: State Board of Elections declares State Senator Bill Brady (R-IL) the WINNER in GOP Primary; Quinn in Dem. Primary …..

Hi Dog!

The Illinois State Board of Elections today certified the Feb. 2nd IL Primary Election Results and declared State Senator Bill Brady (R-IL) the WINNER. Brady won with 193 Votes over State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-IL). The Board also declared Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) the WINNER in the Democratic Primary over Comptroller Dan Hynes (D-IL)

From Our Campaigns the Certified Results…..
Republican Primary


Democratic Primary


Daniel G.


Dillard has CONCEDED

From Politico:

LET THE GENERAL (Election ) BEGIN: Illinois state Sen. Kirk Dillard conceded defeat in the Republican primary for governor Friday, more than a month after the early February vote.

Brady is slated to speak a 2.30pm CT / 3.30pm ET to accept the Nomination and Dillard’s Endorsement.

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From Daniel G……..Illinois Governor & Senate: Democrats Quinn, Giannoulias lead according to DailyKos……

Hello Dog!

Here is the first one of those unlogical DailyKos Polls. According to a new DailyKos / Research 2000 Poll in Illinois Democrats Quinn, Giannoulias lead Republican Opposition.

Daily Kos / Research 2000 Survey

Illinois Governor 2010

[ Quinn and Brady ]

Incumbent Governor Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D)  47 %
State Senator Bill Brady (R)  32 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  20 %

Incumbent Governor Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D)  46 %
State Senator Kirk Dillard (R)  35 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  18 %

Illinois Senate 2010

State Treasurer Alexander “Alexi” Giannoulias (R)  43 %
U. S. Rep. Mark Steven Kirk (R)  36 %
Others  2 %
Undecided  18 %

The Full Poll can be seen here


You all know what I think about those Polls. For me it doesn’t seems right Giannoulias is up 7 Points.

But The Dog does……

Daniel G.

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Gov. Pat Quinn leads in Illinois…….

This from PolitcalWire…..…..

Quinn Leads for Illinois Governor

A new Victory Research poll in Illinois — the first since the primary — shows Gov. Pat Quinn (D) leading both of his likely challengers.

Quinn leads Bill Brady (R), 42% to 31%, and tops Kirk Dillard (R), 41% to 35%.

Swing State Project: “As you probably know, the GOP primary has yet to be decided, and probably won’t be for several months, which is why they poll two GOPers despite the primary being two weeks old. State Sen. Bill Brady has a 406-vote edge for now, and Quinn should root for Brady to prevail, based on the disparity between Brady and Dillard’s performances.”

The Dog is sure Merlin will have more on this …….

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Merlin on the Illinois Governor race….again….

Hi Dog!

Republican Candidates are competitive for the Illinois Governor Race this Fall fueled by Independent Voters who are giving the GOP Candidates a lead of 5 to 21 Points in 4 possible Match-Ups over their Democratic Counterparts. With a 25/55 Job Approval current Governor Pat Quinn (D) is virtually unelecable PPP Co-Pollster Tom Jensen says.

Public Policy Polling Survey

Illinois Governor 2010

General Election

Former IL GOP Party Chair Andy McKenna (R)  42 %
Incumbent Governor Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D)  36 %
Undecided  22 %

Former State Attorney General Jim Ryan (R)  42 %
Incumbent Governor Patrick “Pat” Quinn (D)  35 %
Undecided  24 %

State Comptroller Daniel “Dan” Hynes (D)  38 %
Former IL GOP Party Chair Andy McKenna (R)  36 %
Undecided  26 %

State Comptroller Daniel “Dan” Hynes (D)  40 %
Former State Attorney General Jim Ryan (R)  35 %
Undecided  25 %

Job Approval Governor Pat Quinn (R)

Approve  25 %
Disapprove  55 %
Undecided  21 %

Full Results including Crosstabs can be found here:


Merlin’s Thoughts:

It’s plain and simple: IF Quinn is the Democratic Nominee the Democrats are TOAST. You don’t get reelected by having only a 25 % !!! Job Approval. Hynes in my opinion has a fighting Chance against all Republican Candidates. Of course that doesn’t mean he’ll walz into this. At least Hynes can keep the Independent Vote somewhat in Line and that’s what makes him competitive with the Opposition.

Note: A General Election Survey for the Open Illinois Senate Seat will be released by PPP tomorrow. Judging by the Independent Vote in the Governor Poll this won’t be entirely good News for the Democrats.


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Merlin with a new local Illinois Governor Poll……

Hello and morning Dog!

As promised yesterday……. Here is the new Chicago Tribune / WGN-TV Illinois Primary Poll.

Note: The Tribune has only released the Numbers for the Governor Race. Poll Results for the Senate Primaries likely will come during the weekend.

Chicago Tribune / WGN-TV Survey

Illinois Governor Primaries

Democratic Primary

Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn  44 %
State Comptroller Dan Hynes 40 %
Others/Undecided  15 %

Dates Jan. 16-20 / 601 Democratic Likely Primary Voters / MOE 4.0 Percentage Points

Quite surprising that Hynes has closed this. Could be an interesting Night on February 2nd. Quinn could be the first Incumbent this Cycle who could lose his Party Nomination for November.

Republican Primary

State Party Chair Andy McKenna  19 %
Fmr. Attorney General Jim Ryan  18 %
State Senator Kirk Dillard  14 %
State Senator Bill Brady  9 %
Others/Undecided  38 %

While other Pollsters showing Jim Ryan to be the best bet in the General Election I don’t think so. I think McKenna, Dillard or Brady would be better GOP Nominees in the long run.

Full Results can be found here at http://www.chicagotribune.com or here at a later time http://www.wgntv.com

Note:.….Republican Primary Poll……for those who want the link to the WGN-TV poll…..here it is…..link..

Dates Jan. 16-20 / 592 Likely Republican Primary Voters / MOE 4.0 Percentage Points.

The Dog wonders……..is this Brown bump…or is this for real?

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Pat Quinn stays ahead of the field in the latest Rasmussen poll Illinois Governor poll……

We did a poll on this race a few days ago, from a local source….the national polling people over at  Rasmussen concur with those results…..Pat Guinn is comfortably ahead in this race…..

Rasmussen Survey

Illinois Governor 2010

Patrick Quinn (D) 41 %
Andy McKenna (R) 33 %
Others 11 %
Undecided 15 %

Patrick Quinn (D) 45 %
Bill Brady (R) 30 %
Others 13 %
Undecided 13 %

Patrick Quinn (D) 41 %
Kirk Dillard (R) 30 %
Others 10 %
Undecided 19 %

Daniel Hynes (D) 43 %
Andy McKenna (R) 30 %
Others 5 %
Undecided 21 %

Daniel Hynes (D) 46 %
Bill Brady (R) 27 %
Others 8 %
Undecided 19 %

Daniel Hynes (D) 42 %
Kirk Dillard (R) 29 %
Others 8 %
Undecided 21 %

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Illinois Governor's race poll number right now…….

This race is Pat Quinn’s right now……

Illinois Governor Race

Democratic Primary

Pat Quinn 49 %

Dan Hynes 23 %

William Walls 3 %

Ed Scanlan 2 %

Others 2 %

Undecided 21 %

Republican Primary

Jim Ryan 26 %

Andy McKenna 12 %

Bill Brady 10 %

Kirk Dillard 9 %

Adam Andrzejewski 6 %

Dan Proft 2 %

Rob Schillerstrom 2 %

Others 2 %

Undecided 31 %


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