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The President brings up Immigration Reform to a captive crowd…He can’t do it alone though….

Certainly aware of the new Census numbers ….

The President of the United States talked up Immigration Reform….

The problem is…

With the GOP as the majority in the House…

There isn’t a prayer for any such bill’s passage…


The best way for any bill passing to reform immigration would be for Latino’s and Hispanic’s along will ALL the other people who immigrate to this country to vote against GOPer’s and Democrats who don’t support immigration legislation’s passage in 2012….

Once those people have been defeated or won in narrow races…

THEN the President should press for passage of a bill….

I do not need to bring up the fate of the ‘Dream Act’ which galvanized strong negative reaction from the right in both the Republican AND Democratic party….

The fate of Immigration Legislation is tied up in simple politics…

As the SouthWest begins to cool down with the realization that eventually Latino’s will out number Anglo’s….

The politics will eventually change…

How soon is anyones guess…

But blaming the President simply is NOT going to solve the problem…

He can’t do it alone….

President Obama told a gathering of business, labor, religious and political leaders at the White House on Tuesday that he remains committed to an overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws and wants to try again in the coming months to push Congress to pass a bill.

With his re-election campaign launched this month and Latino communities growing increasingly frustrated with his immigration policies, Mr. Obama summoned more than 60 high-profile supporters of the stalled overhaul legislation to a strategy session, looking for ways to revive it. Among those attending were MayorMichael R. Bloomberg of New York, an independent; Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, a Democrat; and former Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, a Republican.

Two big-city police chiefs, Raymond W. Kelly of New York and Charles Ramsey of Philadelphia, were there, as was Sheryl Sandberg, a top executive at Facebook, and Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, the largest group of evangelical Christians.

Prospects for the proposed policy, which would grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants and revamp the immigration system, seem bleak in this Congress, with staunch Republican opponents of the bill controlling pivotal committee positions in the House of Representatives. Recently Latino leaders have stepped up their criticism of Mr. Obama, as deportations have reached record numbers under his administration and he has offered no relief from the crackdown on immigrant communities.

Latino voters helped several Democrats, including Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, survive the Republican shift in the midterm elections last fall, and they are expected to be a major force in the presidential vote next year.

In the closed meeting, Mr. Obama argued that the overhaul would bring immigrant entrepreneurs to the United States and was a crucial piece of the economic recovery, according to several people who attended…..


From Politicaldog101…

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The Dream Act students fall back into limbo….

Six months ago illigal immigrant students in the UD rose up to push for a vote on the Dream Act …..

That act would give them a legal avenue to gain citizenship along with moving along citizen rights for those serving in the US military with green cards….

That did not happen…..

Republicans, especailly thouse in the Southwest are deadset against ANY lessing of the laws against illegal immigration….Nor are they for any immigration reform….


We now have a situation where those students who ‘came out’…..

Have their names in public….

They have gone back to lives…..

Being silent underground American’s……

With only the government’s ‘unoffical hands off ‘policy as their umbrella….


The president says he supports their cause, and immigration officials say illegal immigrant students with no criminal record are not among their priorities for deportation. But federal immigration authorities removed a record number of immigrants from the country last year, nearly 393,000, while the local police are rapidly expanding their role in immigration enforcement. Students often get caught.

Illegal immigrants also face new restrictions many states are imposing on their access to public education, driver’s licenses and jobs. And for those like Ms. Aguilar who came out last year to proclaim their illegal status, there is no going back to the shadows.

Republicans who will lead their party in the House on immigration issues say illegal immigrant students should not be spared from deportation. Representative Lamar Smith of Texas, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, led the opposition to the Dream Act in December, calling it “an American nightmare” that would allow illegal immigrants to displace American students from public colleges.

Mr. Smith and other Republicans on the judiciary committee have pledged to block any legislation giving legal status to illegal immigrants, which they reject as amnesty for lawbreakers.

In the weeks since the Senate vote, many young illegal immigrants are grappling with the letdown after a campaign that mobilized thousands of them for sit-in protests, mock graduation ceremonies and text message blitzes of Congressional lawmakers…..


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Crime in the states bordering Mexico has actually dropped…..Why should Obama send more troops?

The Dog has pointed out to this action happening to Presidents over…and  over….

Calls for Immigration reform almost always end up having US Presidents sending troops and putting reform off…

It will be no different this time even though the FBI is reporting a drop in crime in the border states…..some of it bt double digits….

Response to immigration has become a political irrationality…..fraut with fear…….

The governor’s of those state get those crime summaries…..

They know the score…

But they persist in placing blame on the concept of immigration……

politically directed……

I wonder if this country has the ability to deal with the immigration problem…

Or it will just keep on being a issue too toxic to handle…..

President Barack Obama recently agreed to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the border to help curb the flow of illegal drugs, guns and money, as well as to help mitigate instances of spillover violence from Mexico.

And this week several senators, led by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), are expected to make a strong push to send thousands more troops to the border region during the debate of the defense authorization bill. It is expected to spark a furor of opposition from both the Senate and the White House.

But the impending debate comes amid newly released FBI statistics that show low levels and an overall decline in instances of violence and crime in major border region cities.

The numbers, released by the FBI before the Memorial Day recess, show that Phoenix, El Paso and San Diego all have some of the lowest rates of violent crime compared to other cities throughout the U.S.

Between 2008 and 2009 instances of violent crime in Phoenix dropped by more than 16 percent and the number of murders decreased by more than 17 percent. Violent crime in San Diego dropped by nearly 2 percent and murders fell by more than 25 percent. In El Paso, levels of violent crime remained the same, but the number of murders dropped by nearly 30 percent, according to the FBI’s latest statistics.

Nationwide, violent crime decreased by about 5 percent last year. Violent crimes within counties that run along the Mexican border have seen a 30 percent decrease over the past 20 years and remain some of the lowest rates in America.

But McCain and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer have argued that Arizona is plagued by drug runners and kidnappers who helped make Phoenix the “kidnap capital” of the U.S. in 2008……


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