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Daniel……Indiana Senate Polling has Coats ahead for the GOP…Ellesworth trailing all GOP candidates….

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5 Days until the Indiana Republican Senate Primary and former Senator Daniel Ray Coats (R-IN) holds an 12-Point lead over his nearest Republican Rival, former U. S. Rep. John N. Hostettler (R-IN). State Senator Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) (whom I endorsed) coming in third with 18 % of the Vote.

Meanwhile all 3 Republicans leading Democrat Brad Ellsworth (D-IN) in a General Election Match-Up.

Note: Survey USA has released the Poll on its Website so I’ve no Crosstabs at this Point. I’m sure they’ll released the Survey some time this evening so I’ll probably Update this Post tomorrow.

Survey USA / Mike Downs Center Survey

Indiana Senate 2010

Republican Primary

Former Senator Daniel Ray Coats  36 %
Former U. S. Rep. John N. Hostettler  24 %
State Senator Marlin A. Stutzman  18 %
Financial Advisor Don Bates Jr.  6 %
Anti-Tax Activist Richard Behney  4 %
Undecided  13 %

General Election

Former Senator Daniel Ray Coats (R)  47 %
U. S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D)  31 %
Undecided  22 %

Former U. S. Rep. John N. Hostettler (R)  45 %
U. S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D)  32 %
Undecided  23 %

State Senator Marlin A. Stutzman (R)  41 %
U. S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D)  35 %
Undecided  25 %

Major Candidates Campaign Websites:



The General Election Match-Ups from SUSA look similar to Rasmussen.

Daniel G.

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First Indiana Senate Poll after Evan Bayh drops out of the Running……

With Evan Bayh gone…. it’s gonna be a ‘free for all’ in the state….The good thing is the fears that Democrats would have a no-name candidate are unfounded…..Ellsworth polls within 14 points of Dan Coats ……who is well known….. but has a lot of heavy baggage …….

[ Ellsworth, Hostettler and Coats ]

From Rasmussen.….

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely Indiana voters shows former GOP Congressman John Hostettler leading Baron Hill 49% to 31% and Brad Ellsworth 46% to 27%.

Former Senator Dan Coats, whose entry in the race has the blessing of the GOP establishment but has angered some Indiana Republicans, runs ahead of Hill 48% to 32% and ahead of Ellsworth 46% to 32%.

Another announced Republican hopeful, freshman state Senator Marlin Stutzman, leads Hill 41% to 33% and Ellsworth by a 40% to 30% margin.

In the six match-ups, five (5%) to nine percent (9%) prefer another candidate and anywhere from 14% to 21% are undecided.


U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth will run for Senate, and state Rep. Trent Van Haaften will seek his seat in Congress, multiple Democratic sources said Thursday morning.


Rep. Trent Van Haaften

Rep. Trent Van Haaften

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