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Iron Man II Tops the Weekend Box office numbers……

I told you Iron Man II was good!

Obviously a heck of a lot people saw what my wife and I saw…

Kudos’ to John Favreau and Robert Downey Jr . for a better second picture than the first……


Striking with an estimated $133.6 million in a blazing start to the summer movie season, Iron Man 2 shot past the debut of the first Iron Man, which kicked off with $98.6 million on the same weekend in 2008. The sequel also rocketed to fifth place among the highest-grossing opening weekends of all time, slotting behindPirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest‘s $135.6 million launch. In terms of estimated attendance, though, <b>Iron Man 2</b> would chart ninth on that list.

Iron Man 2 showed on close to 10,000 screens at a record 4,380 theaters and, in three days, already ranks as the fourth highest-grossing picture from 2010. Its gross included 181 IMAX runs, which generated an estimated $10.2 million. That set the 2D IMAX opening weekend record, eclipsing Star Trek‘s $8.5 million from last year.

While Iron Man 2 didn’t receive as much of a second movie bump as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s ChestThe Matrix ReloadedThe Dark Knight or even X2: X-Men United among others, it’s important to note that the norm is audience erosion for pictures performing at this level, making Iron Man 2‘s 35 percent increase over the first movie’s opening a success.

Iron Man 2 capitalized on the good will produced by the first movie, which was a rare happy superhero movie and propelled by Robert Downey, Jr. However, its marketing didn’t up the ante, essentially offering more of the same and lacking a strong villain or new conflict. A “hail the conquering hero” effect was assumed, but, as pictures like Dark Knight and Dead Man’s Chest have shown, the advertising still has to do more than simply announce a sequel if records are going to fall. What’s more, the first Iron Man was a broadly-appealing spectacle, not just something for young fans, so the sequel likely didn’t have the opening weekend urgency for an all time best.

According to distributor Paramount Pictures’ exit polling, 60 percent of Iron Man 2‘s audience was male and 60 percent was over 25 years old, skewing more female but older than the first Iron Man‘s opening. These demographics also partially explain why Iron Man 2 wasn’t poised to break any records out of the gate. The previous benchmarks, The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3, had younger and more female pull than Iron ManDark Knight‘s opening stats were 52 percent male and 50 percent under 25, whileSpider-Man 3 was 54 percent male and 63 percent under 25.

As is usually the case with summer openings, there was a huge gulf between the top movie and everything else……


And thanks John for the ‘shout outs’ to Queens and Flushing Meadows Park!

Both Faverau and Downey Jr. are native New Yorkers……

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Go see Iron Man II!

My wife and I just came from watching Iron Man II at the movies……

Go watch the MOVIE folks!

Maybe you’ll even clap and shout out (  The whole Damn place was also ) like I did during certain parts of the movie……

We think it was actually BETTER than the orignal…..

And wait for the credits to finish……..

There’s another scene……Iron Man 2 wallpaper Wallpapers

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