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Daniel……Election Projection Update…..

My Howdie over at Election Projection are now projected that we’ll win the PA-12 Special Election:


Which also means that the current House Tally is now:

233 Dems
202 GOPers

Which brings me to this:

Who are those 16 House Seats that we need for a House Majority?

Here they are:

Wisconsin – 8 (Steve Kagan) PVI R + 2
Virginia – 9 (Rick Boucher) PVI R + 9
West Virginia – 1 (Allan Mollohan) PVI R + 9
Texas – 17 (Chet Edwards) PVI R + 20
Texas – 23 (Ciro Rodriguez) PVI R + 4
South Dakota (Herseth-Sandlin) PVI R + 9
South Carolina – 5 (John Spratt) PVI R + 7
Pennsylvania – 17 (Tim Holden) PVI R + 6
Pennsylvania – 11 (Paul Kanjorski, Scandal-plagued) PVI D + 4
Pennsylvania – 8 (Chris Carney) PVI R + 8
Pennsylvania – 4 (Jason Altmire) PVI R + 6
Pennsylvania – 3 (Kathy Dahlkemper) PVI R + 6
Ohio – 16 (John Boccieri) PVI R + 4
Ohio – 18 (Zach Space) PVI R + 7
North Dakota (Earl Pomeroy) R + 10
North Carolina – 8 (Larry Kissel) R + 2

So I  have found those 16 Seats we need for November. Why did I select them? Beccause the PVI (Partisan voting Index) favors Republicans here.

There are many more Seats Dems could lose though.

So “The Dog” ALWAYS dismissed we wouldn’t have the Seats & Playing Field to get a House Majority.


Daniel G.

May I repeat my mantra….It is the end of April 2010…the midterm  election is SIX MONTHS AWAY!…..

An eternity in politics…….

The GOP is currently trying to stall a Wall Street Reform Bill that has huge voter support….the Democrats are going to probably push an Immigration Bill that could be a train wreck of a blessing…..Obama is doing fine on shutting down one war (the country is having breathing pains) and waging another (The battle for Kandahar will be during the summer )…..

Daniel…….I know you are trying…but I’m still going with the Dem’s keeping both houses……

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