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NW 235 bomber may take out DHS head Napolitano as collateral damage…

It seems that the media is going after the Homeland Security Head Janet Napolitano in its frenzied response to the NW235 incident…Her first reaction to the incident was to say the system worked…a mistake any crisis manager knows not to do….you always give we’ll wait and see answers…because things always change in these situations…

But to go after her job…is utterly ridiculous…..

Sure they didn’t connect the dots…but the ball was dropped by everyone else…..NOT Homeland Security…..

The State Department approved the VISA, the subject was on a watch list, the subject was screened outside the United States!

Give us a break …and calm down people!….

There is no way you can completed stop this stuff from happening…..The security people need to be their toes…..But American security people were not involved in this except for the U.S. State Department …….

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Never a dull moment…DHS Secretary rolls out Immigration Overhaul sechedule…….

Janet Napolitano, the Home Land Security Secretary, advised in a speech today, that the administration will begin work on Immigration next year, as the president has indicated he would do , a month ago…..Napolitano laid out a…”three-legged stool” that includes enacting tougher enforcement laws against illegal immigrants and the people who hire them, and streamlining the system for legal immigration, but also what she called a “tough and fair pathway to earned legal status.”

With reports that illegal immigration is down and drug seizures are up…the secretary, and the administration will press ahead with a policy of provide a way for the estimated 12 million, long term illegal immigrants, here already, to become citizens of this country…..

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